Flower Hill resubmits planning documents to maintain road alignment

COAST CITIES — The owners of Flower Hill Promenade have worked with the community for more than six years to refine the proposed revitalization of the shopping center. This collaboration has led to several improvements and project designs. Based on the community’s request, the project is being changed again to maintain the alignment of Flower Hill Drive, a critical road for 144 homeowners in the Spindrift community who live directly behind the center.
“We understand the importance and value of Flower Hill Drive,” said Jeffrey Essakow, president of Protea Properties, which owns Flower Hill Promenade. “There is a general consensus in the community that Flower Hill Drive should not be realigned, and we agree, so we are amending our application to reflect this position.”
The Carmel Valley Planning Board voted 11-3 on July 22 to approve the Flower Hill Promenade Project, including in its decision recommendation stipulating that Flower Hill Drive, which runs north of the center, remain in its current location. Numerous parties, including Spindrift residents, testified at the hearing and expressed support for maintaining the current alignment of the private road.
Flower Hill Drive provides the only real access to the Spindrift community. The city of San Diego had requested that the street be moved north of Taste of Thai restaurant. Flower Hill Promenade representatives worked closely with Spindrift to understand their position on the Flower Hill Drive relocation.
“We applaud Flower Hill for taking steps to ensure that the relocation of Flower Hill Drive will not proceed,” said Horace Dietrich, president of the Spindrift Homeowners Association. “The owners of the mall have worked hard to address our concerns, and we look forward to enjoying the much-needed revitalization of the shopping center.”
The resubmittal of the project will delay presentation dates to the San Diego City Planning Commission and San Diego City Council. These decisions are expected later this fall and into early next year.

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