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Fitness group seeks high school team for training study

CARLSBAD — Success Wellness and Fitness Systems of Carlsbad, formerly known as Spice Wellness, is starting the new year by selecting one local high school sports team that will participate in training on the company’s new bioDensity strength training system.
To have your school or sports team qualify for this complimentary training program, contact Reid Sholl at (760) 525-0913.
Owners Lee Hillman, former chief executive officer with Bally, and Mark Mastrov, former chief executive officer with 24 Hour Fitness, are “quite interested in recording the positive difference in the participating team’s overall performance.”
“Most of our members train 10 minutes per week, four times per month with strength increases recorded from 30 percent to 140 percent,” said Sholl, the group’s bioDensity strength training director.
The bioDensity system is a biomechanically personalized approach to improve, accurately measure and track functional strength. The system allows for maximum load delivery to the human body that enables individuals age 12 and older and of any fitness level, to stimulate density in skeletal muscle, bone and connection tissue.
bioDensity strength training is often used by UFC fighters and pro athletes. With conventional resistance training, a person picks up a weight or moves a bar that connected to a weight stack, and imposes load on the body. In the course of the range of motion, there is a risk of injury. With bioDensity stimulation, the load used is created by the individual exerciser. This means that no matter how hard one exercises, the load being dealt with is never beyond what is safe, the company’s press release said.