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First phase approved for redesign of water facility

ESCONDIDO — The City Council last week approved a consulting agreement for the first phase of the redesign of a recycled water facility.

The facility came under fire several weeks ago from residents in the Chaparral Glen neighborhood. Dozens spoke out to the council about the site selection for the planned three-story facility.

Last week, however, the council authorized an agreement with Black and Veatch Corp., not exceed $200,000, to study the new site.

Angela Morrow, deputy director of utilities, construction and engineering, reported a new, larger site was picked at Washington Avenue and Ash Street.

For phase I, a Conditional Use Permit will be issued and phase II entails detailed design plans and specifications. The planning commission must approve the CUP before the city council can approve the second phase.

The only speaker said 110 residents in three-story building near the proposed plant are concerned about noise. He said they would like noise abatement measures to make sure the plant does not disturb those living close by.

Mayor Sam Abed said the concern was noted and pointed out the city must comply with noise ordinances when determining any project. Abed said city staff will relay updates to those residents as the project moves forward.

The previous location was a 3.25-acre lot jammed between two churches and dozens of homes along East Washington Road and El Norte Parkway. The project calls for two buildings, standing at 37 feet tall, to treat 2 million gallons of water per day with designs for accommodating future equipment to provide an additional 1 million gallons of capacity.

Three underground storage tanks would also be installed and they include a 90,000-gallon feeder, 163,000-gallon inter-processer and storage for 970,000 gallons on the 3.25-acre site. In addition, a 1,500-kilowatt backup generator will be installed. A six-foot wall and decorative fencing will also be erected around the tanks.

The new plant would use membrane filtration and reverse osmosis to produce up to 2 million gallons of water per day.

The recycled water is used for landscaping and agricultural and created to provided a more dependable and sustainable supply. In addition, recycled water allows the city to be less dependent on imported water.

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Richard July 31, 2016 at 7:19 pm

I guess Paseo is gonna have to find another site for their shopping plaza.

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