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Fire district looks to fill vacant seat

VISTA — The Vista Fire Protection District is seeking candidates to fill a board seat vacancy. The new board member will fill the seat of Richard Hemenez, a longtime board member, who died Oct. 23.

The provisional appointment will expire in November 2018.

The district has a call out for board seat submissions. Those interested are asked to submit their application by Dec. 6. A letter of intent and resume is optional. 

According to Director Robert Fougner, the message of this vacancy is being communicated to the broader community. Interested parties residing in the district and over the age of 21 can step forward to help fulfill the mission of the organization.     

“This seat is for a person who wants to make a contribution to the community and is interested in helping to manage the delivery of fire and emergency medical services to their community in this special district that we have outside of the city of Vista,” Fougner said.   

Fougner describes the perfunctory application to be completed in writing. It can be mailed, or hand delivered if time sensitive. The district will then review applications.

“The people that we think are most qualified will be invited to come for an interview which will take place on the day of our Dec. 13 meeting but much earlier in the afternoon — we have quite a bit going on that evening,” he said. 

Fougner said the board hoped that the appointment would be made by the end of the year. The goal is to make the official announcement that a selection has been made by the four members of the board to fill the vacancy until the end of the term in November 2018. 

Hemenez served on the fire board since 1982.

“The nice thing is, whoever is the successful candidate, come next November when there’s the general election they can, if they want to continue, submit their candidacy as the incumbent now for that position,” Fougner said.

Fougner also came on the Vista Fire Protection District by way of a provisional appointment when Lance Vollmer died in 2006.

For information, contact deputy chief Ned Vander Pol at (760) 310-0217 or email