Fire captain hospitalized due to injuries from apartment fire

OCEANSIDE — An apartment fire May 20, resulted in injuries that hospitalized an Oceanside fire captain.

Battalion Chief Terry Collis said the fire captain in now stable, and chalked it up to on the job risks.

“In a building that’s unstable from fire it’s an unfortunate part of the job,” Collis said. “We try to keep it safe.”

The fire broke out at the five-unit apartment building at 231 Blossom Way in the San Luis Rey neighborhood.

When Carlsbad and Oceanside firefighters arrived smoke was billowing from the building’s roof and attic.

Firefighters attacked the fire with hoses, while additional personnel cut ventilation holes in the roof to allow hot gases to escape.

While fighting the blazes an object fell and hit the fire captain on the helmet. His name has not been disclosed. The object was likely part of the structure, or something attached to the ceiling or stored in the attic.

The captain was briefly hospitalized. He is now recovering at home, and is expected to be able to return to work within a week.

“He’s fine, there are no long term injuries,” Collis said.

A total of 27 firefighters responded to the call, and were able to bring the fire under control 17 minutes after arrival. Hotspots were fully extinguished within an hour.

Four children and an adult babysitter were in the apartment when the fire started.  All were able to escape safely.

At this time, the cause of the fire has not been determined and remains under investigation. Most of the damage is limited to one unit, and estimated at $50,000.


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