Laura Baugh speaks to patrons at the Rancho Santa Fe Library on the benefits on meditation. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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Finding joyful living through meditation

RANCHO SANTA FE — In an effort to promote its integrative health series, the Rancho Santa Fe Library welcomed registered nurse and meditation facilitator, Laura Baugh, to speak about the benefits of meditation. Her visit drew in a large crowd in The Guild Room and triggered many questions from participants who wanted to learn more about finding peace and harmony in their lives.

While Braugh gave specific tips to attendees, one piece of information she conveyed which many found interesting was to take part in not complaining for one entire week.

“We don’t realize how much we complain,” Baugh said. “When we stop complaining we start accepting.”

It was Baugh’s belief that when people start accepting they are more present and grateful for what they have in their lives.

Baugh went on to say that the joy in life really is in the small things — learning how to relax can help bring individuals to this point.

“We are so tense,” she said. “The more we meditate, the more joy we have.”

And the joy that emerges from meditation invariably encourages people to want to do more of it. For Baugh, it is finding that place of gratitude and devotion of something bigger than oneself.

Baugh shared that when one stops complaining for a week, they should also implement noticing what is good, what they are grateful for, the details in things, to relax, be quiet for a day and find that inner silence.

“A day of silence can help soften that inner self,” she said. “It also awakens our clarity and to help make better choices.”

This avenue helps simplify things, she said, raising awareness on what’s important in life and what is not. Silence helps promote inner reflection which helps with meditation, she said.

Baugh also noted that retreating back to nature can be grounding.

“Sitting on the grass or under a tree can melt you back into who you are,” she said.

Baugh said that meditation can be a pivotal aspect in one’s life and encourages people to do it daily.