Upgrades to Tyson Street restrooms will be part of phase II improvements. Estimated cost to renovate and rebuild remaining restrooms is $3 million to $5 million. Photo by Promise Yee
Upgrades to Tyson Street restrooms will be part of phase II improvements. Estimated cost to renovate and rebuild remaining restrooms is $3 million to $5 million. Photo by Promise Yee

Final phase of beach restrooms project begins

OCEANSIDE — The second and final phase of the beach restrooms project received City Council’s OK on Nov. 5, just as construction starts on phase I.

As a first step in phase II work, conceptual designs will be drawn for the construction of a new building at the foot of the pier to house restrooms, beach rentals, restaurant storage, a police facility and beach maintenance services.

These multiple uses are now housed in dated buildings near the beach amphitheater. The old buildings will be torn down. The historic bathhouse, within the same area, will be renovated and used for a new purpose.

“The project attempts to accommodate all those uses, and stakeholders in the new facility,” Nathan Mertz, city project manager, said

An evaluation of Tyson Street restrooms will also be part of the plan.

The goal is to provide updated facilities, and more restroom stalls, within a smaller footprint.

The need for easier beach access, which is ADA compliant, from Mission Avenue and Pacific Street will also be addressed.

The beach facilities overhaul will also relocate and upgrade the beach sewer lift station. This will take care of unpleasant odors that plague the area.

Beach amphitheater and recreation center improvements will not be part of the project.

Phase II improvements will go through a two-year planning, community input and permitting process.

Mertz said planning would begin with a key stakeholders meeting this December or January to assess needs.

Public outreach meetings will follow in mid-January 2015, and residents will get a first look at design plans in spring.

Phase II restroom designs will not be limited to the modern look and wave-style roofs of phase I improvements. Design options will consider the Spanish colonial bathhouse that will be repurposed, and stay in place.

A final design plan is expected to be approved in 2016. Construction is slated to begin in 2017.

The estimated project cost is $3 to $5 million. A funding source has not been determined.

Phase I building will begin next week. A wrecking ball is set to knock down restrooms at Breakwater Way and Sportsfisher Drive. Renovations to restrooms at Wisconsin Street and mid-pier will also begin. Phase I construction is expected to be completed in June.

The $2.28 million cost of phase I was funded through $3 million set aside from the city sale of the Laguna Vista Mobile Home Park.

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Colleen Balch November 13, 2014 at 8:53 am

I hope the restrooms are built water tight. Not like at the harbor where every time it rains everything gets wet including the toilet paper.

Boomer November 13, 2014 at 4:53 pm

How much does it cost to build a bathroom? In Oceanside, the answer is: $2.28 million just for Phase I and $3-5 million for the rest of Phase II. But our City Council Majority are “fiscal conservatives?” That’s a joke, right? Bet lots of out-of-work contractors would love to have that job.

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