Feed the Soul rocks to fight hunger

ENCINITAS — Enjoy a concert and make a real difference in the world around you.Feeding the Soul Foundation presents a free concert and SuperFood drive from 4 to 8 p.m. July 22 with Luc & the Lovingtons and The Yes Team Join us for a Sunday Funday at Whole Foods Market, 687 S. Coast Highway 101 where 5 percent of the sales for the day will go to create more concerts for causes.

The FTSF CD “Feeding the Soul Vol. 1 – Family Dinner: Benefit CD & Cookbooklet” will also be on sale in the store.

SuperFood Drive is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to changing the face of hunger by turning all food drives into healthy food drives. Some of the SuperFoods the group hopes to collect include:

— Whole grains

— Nut butters

— Canned fish and meats (especially cold water fish)

— Canned fruits and vegetables, packed in water

— Canned soups or beans

— Nuts and Seeds

— Dried Fruits, preferably no added sugar:

— Dried herbs and spices.

— Olive oil

— Green and White Tea

— Dark chocolate

— Honey

— 100-percent fruit juice

Feeding the Soul Foundation




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