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Farrar reports code enforcement ‘doing well’

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe Association Interim Building Commissioner Tom Farrar worked his way through a detailed report during the Jan. 5 board meeting, concluding with a code enforcement update. He described their code enforcement program as “doing very well.”

According to Farrar, in December, they closed 22 cases.

“We basically receive about four to six cases per week. That list changes and fluctuates,” he said. “The good news is we’re taking a lot of this off the list and we have records of this as well.”

President Fred Wasserman asked Farrar if he could provide code enforcement examples that were requiring action.

Farrar responded by saying how the Association received a couple of new ones that were very interesting because they haven’t seen these types in the past. It pertained to a couple of residential homes that have been vacated for years.

“One of them we went out and looked at — the roof itself is literally collapsing,” Farrar said. “Not that it’s our Association duty to do this, but it’s our duty certainly to recognize it and let the county and the fire department know that there is a potential issue out there and someone could get hurt.”

Farrar described this case as a “new thing” for their code enforcement. Other cases were smaller in nature such as fencing.

“The cases range quite a bit,” he said.