Eye on the Coast

Fabrications create national crisis

Telling it like it wuzzn’t
The year 2008 will be remembered in the annals of history as the year electeds from the highest to the lowest echelons caused an economic crisis becuz they didn’t tell the truth. The year started on a rosy note. Innocent folks were told everything was hunky dory. Then came Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the economy started to unravel when only weeks prior the insiders assured the public they were doing great. The finger pointing began while at the same time these righteous electeds began stuffing their pockets with green, aka bonuses. The Governator was caught in the tide. The lock box he touted when he was running for the Golden State’s top job turned out to be nothing more than a depository stuffed with I.O.U.s. In the City of Angels, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa traveled all over the universe on a fact-finding mission and returned with stashes of the finest and most expensive grape products. Now he is admitting to a $l10 mil. budget shortfall. Meanwhile, Harbor City, which has been in the tank for years because it fibbed about its pension fund, is a coppla trillion bux short in that account and hizzoner Jerry Sanders is warning about closing libraries and other community services. Not to be outdone, Walt Eckard, the county’s chief administrator, announced through an e-mail to 18,000 workers that the county is facing a $90 million budget shortfall and its pension fund is outta balance by $1.1 billion. Thanx to prudent leadership, it appears the Surfside City, Solbeach, Flower Capital and C’bad are posting better records and weathering the hurricane. Nevertheless, they are warning residents that it izzn’t bizness as usual. No doubt budgets for 2009-2010 will be a lot leaner.
Newest sports park
Lusardi Construction Co. has been given a $15.88 mil. contract to build a 16-acre sports park in Vista. It may be a while before first games are played there. Some problems exist such as building an access road to the area and who will pay for it. Park construction funds will come from a half-cent sales tax OK’d by the voters in that city in 2006.
Christmas tree lighting
Solbeach Park & Rec. has scheduled its annual Christmas tree lighting extravaganza for 6 p.m. Dec. 7 at Fletcher Cove. The menu includes strolling mariachi troubadours, balloon-making demos, cider, sweets and the arrival of Santa on a sleigh pulled by a fire engine.
Seatbelt vigilance
Besides monitoring speed laws, enforcers will be looking for drivers who are not strapped to their seats. It’s part of a national “Click It or Ticket” campaign to get folks to harness up. Drivers, as well as passengers, can be hit with hefty fines if they aren’t complying and if there are children under 16 not seatbelted, the fine goes up significantly.
Proposition 8
State Supreme Court will consider at least three disputes resulting from the approval of the highly controversial Proposition 8. Whatever the outcome, it’s likely there will be a recall effort against some of the judges. Not impossible. Judge Rose Bird was ousted several years ago.
Consent calendars
Most governing bodies now have a consent calendar on their agenda to approve on a single motion such items as warrants, minutes, correspondence, etc. Any item on consent can be pulled for further clarification by a member of the audience or the governing body. Items were pulled for discussion from the calendar during the Nov. 19 Flower Capital council meeting. And they should have been. One was the EIR approval of a 71-unit density bonus subdivision and the other related to the vacating of a portion of an alley off Highway 101 between Avocado and Grandview streets in the Sands Mobilehome Park without mitigation. Value of the giveaway? More than 150 grand. The vote to approve each of the two items was 3-2. Is this an abuse of the consent calendar?
Holiday tea
Del Mar Community Connections, one of the most active help organizations in the area, will have its annual holiday tea featuring “sweets, savories & songs” at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 8 at St. Peters Parish Hall. Complete skinny is available by calling (858) 792-7565.
O’side shopping mall OK’d
The Pavilion, a 92-acre shopping complex in O’side on land formerly occupied by a drive-in theater, has received the green light from city electeds. Date for construction is dependent on the economy. Westfield Plaza in nearby C’bad filed an objection contending the environmental report was flawed.
Bye bye
After attempting for a coppla years to build a 32-acre resort complex on bay front land in Chula Vista, Gaylor Entertainment of Nashville, Tenn., withdrew its application. The Chargers now may be interested.
More info to be asked
Tax-exempt nonprofit organizations will have to include IRS form 990 when they file their returns in April. Purpose, sez the IRS, is to give contributors a better picture of how their money is spent.
Barbara Cobb, Cardiff Town Council prez, warns that hot prowls seem to be on the rise and suggests residents secure windows and doors even when they are home … According to George Bradvicca, GM at Surfside Race Place at the fairgrounds, bettors can vie for up to $30 thousand bux in a handicapping competition Dec. 27 and Dec. 28 … County board of supes is considering axing or reducing its annual generous community grant program administered by each member … All sorts of model railroad stuff will be displayed at the fairgrounds Dec. 13 and Dec. 14 … Registrar of Voters reports recent election was not a record-breaker as anticipated … No bonuses or pay increases this year for employees of the Harbor City’s Center City Development Corp. now that its operations are under intense scrutiny … Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of the tasty and nutritious lunches at the Encinitas Senior Center … Community Resource Center thrift store is now located at 111 C Street in the Flower Capital.
Hasta la Vista