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Fabric gift bags environment-friendly alternative

SOLANA BEACH — Celebrate Earth Week by adopting a greener method of gift-wrapping with Gratitude Gift Bags, an innovative company known for its reusable fabric gift bags.
The company has recommitted to its goal of facilitating change from individuals using outdated, environmentally harmful methods of wrapping gifts in paper.
“In the United States, an additional 5 million tons of waste is generated over the holidays,” said Barbara Nelson, Gratitude Gift Bags owner. “These wrapping bags are made of fabric and can be used over and over again, ultimately saving time, money, and precious space in our landfills.”
Manufactured in Southern California, the new sustainable product line offers consumers colorful gift bags options to suit any special occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and holidays.
A portion of all proceeds from the company’s sales are donated to charities that focus on cancer research and environmental concerns, in honor of Nelson’s late sister-in-law who conceived the product.
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