Eye on the Coast

Major OK
Sometime in the future, Surfside City residents and visitors will have more places to shop locally with the expanded commercial area that was overwhelmingly approved by 85 percent of the voters earlier this month. Garden Del Mar will offer mixed uses —restaurant, retail and offices all within short walking distance from the adjacent commercial area. How soon will it all happen? Developer Nick Schaar of Schaar Homes & Buildings is enthusiastic but it may be a while depending on current economic conditions. Located at 10th Street on the east side of Camino del Mar, the development is on the site of the last gas station. Until I-5 opened in 1966, there was a gas station on almost every corner. Garden Del Mar will be the first major development in the city since the opening of L’Auberge Hotel & Resort.
Carmel Valley Skatepark in bizness
Lottsa skating going on at the recently opened Carmel Valley Skatepark on El Camino Real. Under construction for more than a year, it provides all the challenges favored by skaters. It is one of the more than 400 similar use parks in the state. First skatepark of record was built in Carlsbad in 1975.
City OKs landfill
Harbor City electeds have OK’d the expansion of Sycamore Canyon landfill, which borders on the city of Santee. Not surprisingly Santee izzn’t pleased with the decision and has threatened to file suit on the basis of traffic, odors and other environmental concerns. Department heads in the Harbor City are warning that Sycamore Canyon is nearing capacity and an early solution is imperative. Meanwhile, the proposed Gregory Canyon landfill near Pala Indian Reservation is proceeding through the permitting process.
Oside resort development OK’d
S.D. Malkin Properties of the Harbor City has received a final OK from the state Coastal Commish for the construction in O’side of a two-block development on Pacific Street between Seagaze Drive and Pier View Way. It will include a 289-room hotel, plus a smaller one and 48 time-share facilities with support amenities.
The state of the state budget
Among the many ideas being circulated by the Governator for balancing the state budget is to tap into future revenue from the lottery operation. He is assuming folks will have enough lucre to indulge in the lottery after buying shoes for the kids, catching up on credit card payments and buying day old bread for the family.
Campaign item fulfilled
A $3.5 mil. “green roof” on the Flower Capital City Hall building was dedicated with much fanfare earlier this month as the first step toward the city’s goal to become the first silver-accredited civic center in the Southland. It fulfills a campaign platform by then council candidate Teresa Barth, who stressed that the city should lead by example in saving energy. It now plans on making as many of its facilities, including the proposed new fire stations, as environmentally efficient as possible.
Independents increase in numbers
Although North County remains Republican territory, independents or “declined to state” voters are making noticeable inroads according to Registrar of Voters stats. There are 77,907 registered independents compared with 139,515 Republicans and 105,638 Democrats. Democrats have larger numbers in Del Mar and Encinitas. Republicans have a majority in Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos, Solano Beach and Vista.
Trees & solar panels
Shade from trees may reduce solar panel efficiency and this issue may be winding up in the courts. Unfortunately, like the view discord that pits neighbor vs. neighbor, trees are great for providing greenery in the scenery but they do have their negative aspects.
Electeds overturn commission denial of development
Flower Capital electeds have overturned their planning commission’s denial of a development that will include 71 homes on Saxony Road and Quail Gardens Drive. Likely the approval will be appealed to the state Coastal Commission. During a hearing held Nov. 12, Gary Tucker, representing Encinitas Chamber, spoke in favor of the project causing a dozen opposition speakers to scratch their noggins and wonder why the chamber was taking sides in a residential project.
Granted reprieve
After spending thousands of bucks and compiling reams of stats, Solbeach folks were shocked when the Coastal Commission denied their plan for dealing with eroding bluffs, contending information was incomplete. Fearing their efforts would go down the drain, the Solbeachers appealed for time to provide more documentation. It was granted and the city now has until September to add to the bulky document.
Solana Beach Art Association will showcase the works of nine artists in the City Hall gallery from Dec. 3 through Jan. 15 … Fannie Mae, the government’s mortgage giant that triggered the current financial collapse, has posted a $29 bil. Loss … Rancho Santa Fe Association contends the horrific back up of traffic on I-5 and Manchester in the Flower Capital is responsible for the increasing number of motorists who are cutting through Rancho … Kitchen 1540, L’Auberge’s signature restaurant, is now open according to Mike Slosser, veep and managing director of Destination Hotels & Resorts … In case folks are house hunting for something on the beach in Surfside City, there is one available for $21.5 mil. … While grown ups were robbing their kids’ piggy banks of nickels and dimes to buy a gallon of petrol, Exxon Mobil was posting a third-quarter profit of $14.83 bil. …NRG Energy, that has proposed building a 540-megawatt power plant at Encina recently turned down a $6.2 bil. buyout offer from Exelon of Chicago … Russ Penniman of Rancho Santa Fe, who is a member of the San Diego County Fair’s board of directors and a combat pilot with service in Iraq, has been promoted to Rear Admiral.

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