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No more dinner hour calls?
Are you feeling forgotten and sorta depressed becuz you aren’t getting calls at dinnertime from a politician whom you haven’t heard from since the last election and who wants to continue to be your hardworking representative in government? He/she explains there is important work still to be done that shudda been done but wasn’t becuz he/she was busy traipsing around the universe on fact-finding projects, which didn’t cost taxpayers a penny. Now he/she needs your support and mostly cash to finish the jobs he/she promised to do the last time. There’s also reason to be depressed when your mailbox opens easily becuz it izzn’t chock full of political stuff. Nighttime calls have been important. The caller wants to snitch on someone and is certain you would want to know what the snitcher knows and is just being neighborly. No need to despair. It all begins again in 23 months and happy days will be here again.
County community grants
Del Mar Rotary Club is one of five organizations that received a Supe Pam Slater-Price community grant. It got 3 grand to offset costs for staging its annual fundraising golf tourney earlier
this month. Other recipients included Rancho Bernardo Business Assn.,
$3,000; Community Recovering Teams, $2,500; San Diego Air & Space Museum, $3,750; and Make-A-Wish Foundation, $5,000.
Plastic receptacles
Solbeach now has in place three plastic bag recycling containers at City Hall, 635 S. Hwy. 101; the Fire Department, 500 Lomas Santa Fe Drive; and La Colina Community Center, 715 Valley Ave. Drops are accepted during normal working hours.
Shores shortfall
Anticipating that there wouldn’t be enough dough in the till to meet a Nov. 15 deadline for paying off a portion of the loan for the purchase of the Ninth Street Shores property, city electeds obtained a Union Bank loan. Meanwhile, the Campaign for Del Mar Shores has launched an aggressive fundraising effort. It is asking 2,000 folks to pony up $41 monthly for 36 months to create the additional revenue needed to amortize the financial obligation. Notes Councilman Carl Hilliard, this is an investment in greenery in the scenery forever.
Crime rate
Recently published data shows the North County crime rate was down for the period ending in June. Also showing a noteworthy decline is the property crime rate.
Powerline route axed
San Diego Gas & Electric’s plan to run high power lines through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has been axed by administrative law Judge Jean Vieth, who opined the project would be lousy for the environment, cost too much and increase fire risk from falling power lines. Known as the Sunrise project, SDG & E is already considering a southern route. The line from Imperial Valley is projected to provide juice for 650,000 homes. (No water though.)
Solbeach grapples with cell towers
Solbeach is again pondering how best to deal with cell tower sites. The issue has been around for a decade
and is protected by the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Church steeples are useful for camouflaging some towers but not all are adequate for providing wireless communications. City electeds have updated the current ordinance by setting new regulations for construction and placement of towers.
Baja Towers at a standstill
As is often the case south of the border, announced lavish projects have their too frequent setbacks. Currently the Trump Ocean Resort, a three-tower, 526-unit condotel that received great fanfare in 2006 when it was announced, is stuck in neutral. Construction funding is reported to have dried up. Completion date, if at all, is anyone’s guess.
Median strip delay recommended
Flower Capital Traffic Commission has recommended to city electeds that a median strip be postponed that would cut off some traffic into the mini mall anchored by Henry’s Market. This will allow time to assess impact of traffic generated by a drive-thru lane when Walgreens is opened for bizness.
C’bad general plan
Seventeen Carlsbadians are beginning to delve into updating the general plan of the 43-square-mile city. Expected to take several years to complete, $1.8 mil. has been budgeted for staff time, consultants and other miscellaneous costs. Also to be involved are a coppla high school students.
Garden of Lights
Planning is well under way at Quail Botanical Gardens in the Flower Capital for its annual Garden of Lights scheduled to run 5 to 9 p.m. from Dec. 11 through Dec. 30 with the exception of Christmas Day. Special events like Tales & Tunes for kids are on tap. Admission fee is nominal.
Guitar program
Also in the holiday mode are the Devine School’s award-winning guitar classical students who will present a Friends of the Cardiff Library musical Dec. 3 starting at 6:30 p.m. in the community room.
Raleigh NC Optimist Club offered everything on its menu for a buck at the North Carolina State Fair, created lines a mile long and made a profit … The two-day Breeders Cup classic at Santa Anita Race Park was successful beyond expectations and will be held again next year at the great race place … Solbeach electeds will assess La Colonia Park & Community Center concept designs when they meet Nov. 12 … Total cost of the Sprinter project has been pegged at $484.2 mil. — up from the projected $440 mil. when it was first announced … Lotsa interest in Weidner’s annual “dig-ur-own” pansies and violets sale held earlier this month.
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