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Beat the bureaucracy
Leucadia resident Scott Chatfield has proven you can beat the noncaring bureaucracy if you are convinced action is more effective than babble. He didn’t think highly of the giant California Public Utilities Commission’s decision to change the 760 area code to 442, which would have affected thousands of users and cost a pile of dough to businesses that would have to change their office letterheads, signs, etc., so he launched a Web site. His message immediately caught the attention of thousands of folks. The Campen U.S. Marines weighed in because they communicate all over the globe. Politicians climbed aboard. The Chatfield-generated tsunami slammed into the PUC and after some hearings (one of which was held in the San Bernardino County desert) it hoisted the white flag and surrendered without preconditions. Well, there is one. Users who retain the 760 number will have to dial the area code before the number. For his action Chatfield is the Hero of the Century. Maybe the Governator can enlist him to solve the budget mess and a few other issues that have stumped the electeds.
Alternate fuel sources
Rich, greedy countries with humongous sources of oil may in the not too distant future find no one needs their product. The U.S. of A seems to be serious about drilling and cultivating alternate sources of energy. Already there are electric cars and some that operate on natural gas. According to Wall Street Journal reporter Pat Barta, Thailand drivers have converted to, or purchased, 40,000 NTG burning cars within the last six months and this number is expected to exceed 325,000 in the next three years. In Bangkok they are selling like proverbial hot cakes.
Seals vs. kids
In the Harbor City the seals vs. kids battle continues over the supremacy of the Children’s Pool in La Jolla. In 1931, La Jolla philanthropist Ellen Browing Scripps conveyed a sea wall to the city and willed that the beach therein be maintained for children. Problems arose when seals started encroaching on the beach to sun their young’ uns. In the process it became contaminated. Courts have subsequently ruled seals must vacate the cove but little progress has been made. Recently, U.S. District Court Judge William Hayes has said seals can stay until mid-2009 after the pupping season.
Budget deliberations
Sacto electeds are back in session pouring over budget throes that shudda been resolved during the regular session. On the table is a $1 bil. current shortfall and an additional $3 bil. deficit that is expected to occur in part as the result of the national crisis. According to an Associated Press report, the state compensation board has approved a $3 daily allowance increase for each day the electeds travel to Sacto, bringing their daily allowance to $173 bux.
Good results
The Surfside City’s summer booze ban was highly successful according to Community Services Director Pat Vergne who reported there were no brawls and not many complaints from beachside folks. Citations went down from a high of more than 100 previously to 25 for the period, which ended on Labor Day. An emergency ordinance was adopted after the Harbor City’s booze ban went into effect and the rowdy revelers started moving their beer kegs north.
College president selection
MiraCosta College expects to have a president named by the end of the year. According to reports, a selection committee will review applications Nov. 12 to Nov. 14. An on-campus forum is scheduled Dec. 4 and Dec. 5, finalists will be interviewed Dec. 10 to Dec. 12 and the president will be announced thereafter. Former President Victoria Munoz Richart left mid-year after months of campus strife that originated with the illegal sale of on-campus palms.
Sidewalk dining
One of the problems facing the new Flower Capital City Council electeds will be the issue of alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) being served with outdoor dining, some of which is encroaching on public property. Vigilucci’s and Roxy are permitted presently under a grandfather clause. Other eateries want to provide the service because of the increased popularity of enjoying a beverage while dining al fresco. Currently, 18 restaurants are reported to offer outdoor service sans alcohol.
Movie night
Del Mar Historical Society will present its second annual Night at the Movies at Powerhouse Community Center on Nov. 20. On the screen will be “The Heist” that was filmed at the racetrack. The 1989 flick stars Pierce Brosnan, Tom Skerritt and Wendy Hughes. Producer Rick Rosenberg and writer Rick Natkin are expected to attend.
L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has proposed installing enough rooftop solar panels on buildings to power 100,000 residences by 2013 … One of the most prevalent complaints recently in C’ bad was about Prop. 8 signs being stolen, destroyed or defaced … Vista council electeds are inviting volunteers to serve on the Vista 2030 General Plan team … Solbeach electeds who spent a lotta time telling a developer how to design the Cedros Crossing project now have to start from scratch after the developer caved … Noteworthy is the way Cardiffians are pitching in to help the family of 4-year-old Max Klechner who is suffering with inoperable brain cancer … Solbeach State Assemblyman Martin Garrick sez the Governator signed 1,522 bills and vetoed 629 for the 2007-08 session … Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild will have an artist’s reception Nov. 13 from 5 to 8 p.m. for a new exhibition titled Holiday Reflections … With the drought plight increasing by the day, city of Solbeach has suggested five easy ways to conserve water, one of them being to use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks.

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