Repurposed hubcaps hang on the wall that make up the Second Time Around exhibit. Photo by Honey Photographs by Alyss
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Escondido Art Center rolls out earth-friendly exhibits

ESCONDIDO — In advance of the annual Earth Day celebration on April 22, The California Center for the Arts in Escondido opened two new environmentally conscious exhibits on April 8.

Kirsten Vega, Arts Education program supervisor at the center, was pleased with the turnout on opening night.

“The museum was full of energy the night of the opening,” she said. “One professional artist in attendance noticed a student’s work with a similar aesthetic, and offered to mentor the student in her work. It’s in this way that museum openings celebrate the core of the center’s mission of bringing community members together to discover the arts.”

The first exhibit, titled “Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art” makes a statement about consumption as artists from around the world transformed discarded hubcaps into fine art. The hubcap is an apt medium, as it is a purely cosmetic, nonessential part of the automobile.

The second exhibit also deals with second-usage. “Reuse Recreate Reimagine” explores the physical transformative nature of art. A faceless bust flecked with discarded Perrier labels. The art seen in “Reuse Recreate Reimagine” is comprised entirely of materials that were destined for a landfill, were it not for the artists’ intervention.

Selecting the two exhibits was a deliberate move, with Earth Day just around the corner. “It was important to us to recognize environmentalism and the importance of improving the status of our planet by having the exhibition run over Earth Day” Vega said.

“A large part of our audience are educators and students and this way the museum becomes a vehicle of what this audience is teaching and learning.”

Both “Second Time Around” and “Reuse Recreate Reimagine” run through May 28.