Equine expert makes Del Mar appearance

DEL MAR — Tommie Turvey, internationally known horseman who directed the Clydesdale performances in the Budweiser commercial for the 2013 Super Bowl halftime, will be making a pair of North County appearances this spring.Celebrated as the “Equine Extremist” for his stunts and unique interaction with horses, Turvey will be the featured performer at the “Night of the Horse,” a highlight of the 68th annual Del Mar National Horse Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds April 20.

Then, May 3 through May 5, Turvey and his wife, Chantal, will return to the area to conduct one of their three-day clinics at Winstar Ranch in Encinitas. The Tommie Turvey clinics are designed to teach horse owners training techniques that are less complicated and more enjoyable. Clinic sessions at Winstar Ranch will include horsemanship training and participant prizes, as well as unforgettable performances by the Turveys. Information about the clinic can be found at

It was Turvey’s reputation as a trainer who could teach horses to hit their marks in movies, TV and live shows that brought him together with director Jake Scott and a small herd of Clydesdales for the Budweiser commercial.

“Clydesdales are a lot bigger to deal with, obviously, so getting stepped on hurts a lot worse,” Turvey said. “But really, they are just part of the equine breed. A horse like any other.”

As a performer, Turvey makes it appear as if nature intended horses to lie on their backs, buck and rear on cue, perch on tiny boxes, jump through fire, and then chase people around an arena, pin them to the ground and give them a smooch.

Among the equine performers joining Turvey at both the “Night of the Stars” and the three-day clinic will be his American Paint Horse, Pokerjoe.

Links to ticket information for Del Mar’s “Night of the Stars” are available at the Del Mar National Horse Show Web site at The Budweiser commercial can be viewed at