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Endorphins: Release the power of positivity


Your body hears your mind. Our nervous system sends messages through neurotransmitters every second of our lives telling us how to feel, act and function. Endorphins are among these communicators and are released when we feel stress or pain.

The more endorphins released, the better we feel as they work their electrical signaling power to decrease these symptoms. And guess what helps release and charge up endorphins? Exercise.

We should do more of what makes us feel good, so that means we should exercise. When activity is performed, endorphins release their chemicals creating a euphoric feeling.

Ever heard of a “runner’s high”? That phrase is the very result of positive feelings that result from exercise. This means that depression and anxiety can be reduced, too.

Just like pain medication, endorphins go right to the source and diminish those negative triggers on site. Simply put, endorphins are the good kind of morphine for you. Unlike the drug, endorphins aren’t addictive, but one might become addicted to doing something good for themselves and there’s nothing wrong with that.

We live in a prescription driven world right now, but why not take the natural approach that improves your mind and body?

This all comes full circle because when we exercise we feel better, have improved self-esteem, boost our immunity, help lower our blood pressure and sleep better. Not sure there’s any counter argument there. Even actress Ellen DeGeneres said, “Now, I’m no scientist, but I know what endorphins are. They’re tiny little magical elves that swim through your blood stream and tell funny jokes to each other. When they reach your brain, you hear what they’re saying and that boosts your health and happiness.” (

Crawl, walk or run … get moving.

Exercise is a form of stress to the body. As mentioned, endorphins are released when stress is detected. The brain thinks that because heart rate is increased and muscle activation is drawing large amounts of energy, that it’s time to fight and emit endorphins.

The body is actually trying to suppress the pain associated with activity, which when eventually finished, brings euphoric feelings.

Make exercise like a doctor appointment that you cannot miss for your health. Stress and pain are common feelings that negatively impact our emotional and physical well-being.

When we decide to become the best version of ourselves, we decide that being happy is a priority. Exercise is euphoria to the mind and body. The lifestyle of a fit and healthy person leads way to longevity and happiness and inspires others to do the same.