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Encinitas stays sustainable

ENCINITAS — The city of Encinitas moved forward with its sustainability plan, as city staff presented a new major green program to city council in an effort to save taxpayer money and preserve natural resources for future generations.
The presentation to council exhibited how the city will direct its efforts toward a dynamically-sustainable and generally greener community. To demonstrate its commitment, the city is presenting both on-going and developing city programs. Some of these include a greenhouse gas, or GHG, baseline analysis, a Smart Landscape Program, energy-efficient design features for the Leucadia Fire Station and other key programs and policies that take aim at reducing GHG emissions, conserving energy and improving sustainability.
“We hope that with this green program, the city will continue to be a catalyst for sustainability throughout the region,” said Patrick Murphy, planning and building director for the city of Encinitas.
As a key ingredient of the collaboration with Encinitas, SDG&E will assist in the implementation of their energy-efficiency and financing programs. On-Bill Financing and rebate and incentive programs will be the driving economic force behind the community’s adoption of the energy-efficiency policies and integrating them into their homes and businesses.
“SDG&E has the resources available to make this project a reality,” said Mark Gaines, director of customer programs for SDG&E. “We’re providing the technical knowledge and loan and rebate funding to ensure the greening of Encinitas.”
Energy efficiency is an overarching theme of the proposed program for both residents and businesses. Reducing operating costs, increasing awareness, promoting better energy management and influencing the energy attitudes and actions of the public and private sectors are essential parts of the city’s implementation.
For more information regarding the program, contact Diane Langager at (760) 633-2714 or at