Encinitas residents know what’s best for Encinitas!

I have watched the debate over Proposition A intensify across our five-unique Encinitas communities. 

People rightfully care a great deal about how this initiative would affect their own neighborhood and the future of Encinitas as a whole.

Many of my friends and neighbors have asked me why I strongly oppose Proposition A. There are many specific reasons to oppose this proposition, but there’s one fact that summarizes my opposition — Proposition A isn’t good for the future of Encinitas.

There are those who have come forward to offer their opinions to the press — but do they have a stake in our city?

Recently, a former councilmember and retired County supervisor who doesn’t live in Encinitas voiced her support for Proposition A. While I appreciate her prior service, she has no personal stake in the outcome of Proposition A.

She hasn’t been an Encinitas resident for nearly 20-years and clearly does not have a full understanding of how Proposition A would negatively affect our community.

In addition, the primary financing behind Proposition A is from a Carlsbad based group with undisclosed backers. Encinitas citizens do not appreciate this outside meddling in our local affairs and it’s the main reason we incorporated as our own city 26-years ago — to determine our own fate and to protect Encinitas.

Instead of standing with an out of town group and a former County Supervisor who lives in Del Mar, I chose to stand with a broad coalition of Encinitas community leaders, Encinitas organizations and Encinitas residents who oppose Proposition A. Many of these leaders are former mayors and councilmembers who live in our city, know our community and believe that Proposition A is bad for Encinitas.

Many Encinitas organizations have also taken a stand against Proposition A because it will override our community-based plans that took many years, endless public input, and millions of taxpayer dollars to forge.

These groups work very hard to protect their neighborhoods, and they fear that Proposition A will strip the ability to plan for their own neighborhoods. I trust them to have the best interest of our city and their own neighborhood as their reason for opposing Proposition A.

I also join my four colleagues on the City Council who are unanimously opposed to Proposition A.

We don’t always see eye-to-eye on issues facing our city, but Proposition A is a clear case where we stand together. Our diverse viewpoints concluded that Proposition A will not serve Encinitas well.

Those of us who have a deep and lasting connection with Encinitas all want to see a better future for our city.

We want to control the destiny of our unique neighborhoods and ensure Encinitas doesn’t lose its charm.

A lot of people have made their voices heard when it comes to Proposition A — but it’s those with the greatest stake in our community who have uniformly come out in opposition.

Please help protect the future of Encinitas and June 18, Vote No on Proposition A.

Kristin Gaspar is an Encinitas Councilmember.


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