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Encinitas Proposition A — the Right to Vote Amendment


Proposition A is a controversial Encinitas ballot initiative that will require voter approval for zoning changes in the city. Voters will decide whether Proposition A goes into effect in a special election Jun. 18. The text of the measure, as it will appear on the ballot, reads:

Shall the people of Encinitas adopt an initiative measure, known as “The Encinitas Right to Vote Amendment” to require voter approval, by a majority vote of the electorate, for a major amendment to a planning policy document (defined to mean the Land Use Element of the General Plan, Land Use Policy Maps of the General Plan, Zoning Code, Zoning Map, any specific plan, and development agreements) and to impose a citywide height limit?

The full text of the initiative is available from the city of Encinitas.

Here are the arguments against and in favor of Proposition A:

Argument in Favor of Proposition A

Rebuttal to Argument in favor of Proposition A

Argument Against Proposition A

Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition A

There is also an Impartial Analysis of Proposition A.