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Embarrassing New Year’s Eve event talk of town

DEL MAR — Several decades ago New Year’s Eve house parties were the norm in the village.
One that went down in infamy had to do with a situation that had a lotta folks talking about it rather than who would win the football game in the Rose Bowl.
Folks were having a good ole time when the evening turned serious. Long story short, whoever used the latrine last left the seat in the upright position.
Unfortunately, the next user also left it up. Bad mistake. It happened to be a portly matron who became wedged in the commode.
Efforts to free her proved fruitless.
Solution? Call the village plumber. By good fortune he had celebrated early and had already gone to bed but he agreed to make a house call. His recommendation was to crack the fixture. He happened to have a replacement in his inventory. It was installed and the festivities resumed in time to welcome in the new year.
The moral of this situation is to always have the seat in its proper position. A plumber may not be available.