Greg Basham who works for the District Attorney’s Office of San Diego County combating narcotic use, gave an eye-opening demonstration and talk to the Shadowridge Vista Rotary. He displayed a large table of confiscated guns and paraphernalia that was collected throughout San Diego County. Basham said that the four most used drugs are marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine and heroin. He said users are very creative in concealing their stash and showed a few examples. Basham said that he has found fake cigarette lighters in cars and empty magic markers filled with illegal drugs. One of the Rotarians thanked Basham for enlightening her on this subject because she has teenage children and others felt education and programs were needed on this important subject. Many questions were asked on gang problems and the growing drug use in North County. Visitors are welcome to join the noon discussion and luncheon at the Shadowridge Vista Rotary. Call (760) 505-8601 to learn. Courtesy photo


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