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Downtown bar and grill gets OK to stay open later

OCEANSIDE — Music, food and fun will rock Cabo Bar and Grill for an additional hour after a unanimous vote of support from City Council on Aug. 18.
The OK for the bar and grill to stay open until 2 a.m. comes despite complaints from more than a dozen downtown residents and a few corrected violations the establishment had when it initially opened.
Residents voiced concerned about noise and the unruly behavior of downtown patrons. “Vehicles run into the retraining wall, people vomit and urinate in our yards,” Fred Barks of Oceanside said.
“To deal with this every night — its unbearable,” Joe Faltog of Oceanside said. “Bands are playing and drunk people are walking around our homes.”
Noise from bands that play inside the bar and on the rooftop patio are a chief concern. “The noise is so loud I don’t use the master bedroom any more,” Jack Herrera of Oceanside said. “I can’t even use my own home.”
In answer to residents’ complaints, council members said it’s a downtown area that will have some noise.
“I was satisfied the decibels were at the level they need to be,” Councilwoman Esther Sanchez said. “You probably have more decibels coming out of the downtown market on Thursday.”
Police routinely check the decibel level of noise when there is a complaint. The Police Department plans to purchase calibrated decibel readers for more accurate enforcement.
The bar owner also has a house system that reads noise decibel levels so he can keep the volume of music in check and avoid complaints.
Council members support the bar and grill and let residents know similar businesses will likely move into the revitalized downtown area as it continues to develop.
“This business is 1,000 percent better than it was before,” Sanchez said. “Thank goodness that we’re not getting complaints about underage drinking or drugs, we’re talking about noise. Thanks for taking over a building that’s had a bad reputation.”