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Dorothea gets new wardrobe

ENCINITAS — San Diego Botanic Garden’s succulent artist Margaret Jones is replanting charming Dorothea into a water-smart topiary.
As a garden beautification volunteer and team captain of the Undersea Succulent Garden for two years, Jones spent many meticulous hours attiring Dorothea in the finest of haute couture using tiny plant cuttings that mimic a feminine hairdo, pearls, lace and ruffles to reveal a succulent life-sized lady.

“San Diego Botanic Garden would not thrive without the help of our loyal volunteers who spend countless hours beautifying the landscape that makes it so unique,” said Julian Duval, president of San Diego Botanic Garden. “Margaret’s precise and detailed work on the Dorothea topiary has resulted in a spectacular stand-out piece that attracts and inspires the garden’s visitors.”
Formerly constructed out of ivy, the updated Dorothea topiary is comprised of water-saving succulent plants such as echeverias, graptopetalums, crassulas, and sedums. Life-sized in form, Dorothea is representative of a waitress with her copper apron and tray full of cactus and succulent plants. This is the first of several figures being transformed from ivy into water-sparing succulents, and visitors of San Diego Botanic Garden can expect to see new topiary pieces revealed throughout the year.