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Don’t Vote for Me

Do vote for me. I’m illustrating a greater point. I’m Alex Fidel, a candidate for mayor of Encinitas. I’m a peace activist and journalist, not for corporate media, but an independent honest media entrepreneur.

I started Freethought Media Network in 2010 to break the false left vs. right paradigm and discuss real issues. I interviewed my heroes- Howard Kaylan (The Turtles/Zappa), Gov. Gary Johnson (2012 Libertarian presidential nominee), Cindy Sheehan (peace activist), Malalai Joya (TIME Mag top 200 influential women, fmr Afghani parliament), Rick Simpson (cured cancer with cannabis oil), Foster Gamble (Thrive movie), and more in a life journey that’s a blend of Hunter Thompson and Malcolm X.

I livestreamed Free & Equal’s 2012 open presidential debate the night of the election. I had more journalistic integrity than those who were paid. Reporting on war crimes no matter if it was Bush or Obama.

We are all-one, part of the human family. A life is a life. It breaks my heart whenever an Iraqi or Palestinian dies from a violent occupation. I discovered the controlling forces of the media, healthcare, education, energy, and money, who maintain power through divide & conquer psychology, like the two party system, to take us away from the peace, love, and unity we should show each other.

Be the change you want to see in the world. This election shouldn’t be about me, or any one personality. True power is with the people. When the bar moratorium was in the city council, hundreds showed up to defend freedom.

When Concord, NH wanted to militarize their police to crackdown on OccupyNH activists, 300 attended that city meeting and the plan was scrapped, fearing loss of re-election.

When Encinitas voted on additional $25K in Homeland Security grants — after they utilized a militarized sheriff response instead of calling the Psychological Emergency Response Team (PERT) and received over $300K of DHS grants to the fire department (for which the contract for the grants includes compliance with the PATRIOT Act and local DHS Fusion Centers which compile data gathered by the NSA) — I was the only person in attendance by accident to discuss the police state anyway.

They accepted the grant. If I had 300 allies from our community, that money would go back to the feds and would make national headlines.

If I get elected, and the people don’t rise, there’s no change. If I don’t win, and the people do rise, then there is change, proving that you cannot rely on an ego to save you; it’s all of us working together.

Three hundred dedicated activists going to city hall for real issues, like legalizing cannabis/hemp or ending the police state, would change things. Other issues include making history to challenge the global geopolitical paradigm by ending SDG&E’s monopoly on energy and passing a city law that overturns the censorship of patents for Nikola Tesla’s free energy technology. No more electric bills.

Energy is a trillion dollar industry, thriving on genocidal wars of aggression. JP Morgan shut down Tesla.

Modern free energy researchers have been intimidated & even assassinated. Passing a law for freedom of currency, for those who know the Federal Reserve is a fraud to benefit the wealthy few and want to use honest currency. Banning GMO seeds & Monsanto pesticides. Allowing farm freedom to be self-reliant, feed our communities, and reduce organic food costs. Ending fluoridation of our water. Balancing the budget. Possibilities are endless and include local, state, national, and global issues.

While other politicians will shower you with superficial slogans, divisive rhetoric, dirty political tricks, and assert that they can save you, I will do the opposite. I cannot save you. Do not rely on me.

Do not vote for me unless you will get involved in the political process. If you vote for me but won’t get involved, you might as well not vote for me. Or don’t vote for me, but do get involved for real issues that would make the global elite shiver in their boots, because a small town woke up and took the power back.

Check out some real issues at

Get active. Be the change, whether you vote for me or not. Peace & love.

Alex Fidel is a 22-year-old peace activist, journalist, and Encinitas resident.