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District looks to add sewer line on Arroyo property

At the Sept. 18 Association
meeting, the Rancho Santa
Fe Community Services District, or CSD, requested an ease-
ment for the purposes of installing a sewer pipeline on the Association’s Arroyo property.
The Arroyo property is approximately 25 acres of open space property on the eastern side of the Covenant that is owned by the Association. Access to the property is along a panhandle driveway on El Vuelo.
The CSD, a governmental agency empowered to provide sewer services within Rancho Santa Fe, requested the easement for new sewer pipelines it hopes to install.
Associate Planner Liz Avalon told board members it is an effort to increase efficiency.
The proposed sewer lines will allow the CSD to take two pump stations offline and provide long-term cost savings for ratepayers. “These new lines are a switch to gravity flow,” Ivan Holler, Covenant administrator, said.
Although several board members were initially concerned that the lines might be used to hook up new houses and that those houses might be reassessed, staff members assured them otherwise. “This is being done primarily to get rid of pump stations and make the process more efficient,” Association Manager Pete Smith said.
The staff recommended the approval of the easement and board members agreed. The motion was approved unanimously.
In other association news, the Tennis Club submitted revisions to its Plan of Operation. The original rules and regulations were adopted in 1974 and although amendments had been made from time to time, it became unclear whether the Association board had ever formally approved the documents. At the last board meeting, on Sept. 4, the first draft of newly revised Rules and Regulations was submitted to the board, but members requested revisions and rewrites for clarification. The Tennis Club went back to the drawing board and then resubmitted the documents, which the staff then reviewed. With the staff’s blessings, the board moved to approve the new Tennis Club Plan of Operation.
Board Vice President Tim Sullivan reported that the Trails Committee has added a new horse trail in the Zumaque area. Dick Brockett, director of field operations, offered his congratulations to the Trails Committee stating that the members worked well with property owners in securing the new trail.
Earlier in the eventful week, board members held a retreat at The Inn to set objectives and goals for the forthcoming year. Nothing was finalized, however, and those goals and objectives will be discussed at the next board meeting, set for Oct. 2.