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Del Mar opts to draw straws

DEL MAR — When it comes to settling the outcome of a tie in a future election, Del Mar City Council opted for the obvious. “We’re going to go cheap and draw straws,” Mayor Richard Earnest said.
Prior to an election, City Council must adopt standard resolutions based on those used by other municipalities and which comply with the California Elections Code.
In the unlikely event of a tie, council members can either adopt a resolution to hold a special election, which can cost between $72,000 and $86,000, or determine that the tie be broken by lot — drawing a straw, picking a number from a hat, etc.
Council members seemed surprised to learn that historically they elected to adopt an optional resolution to conduct a special runoff election.
“We would want to do the less expensive route,” Councilwoman Crystal Crawford said. Council had until Nov. 1 to adopt the special election resolution or, as they unanimously agreed to do at the June 14 meeting, declare that a tie would be settled by lot.
In November, the terms of Earnest and Crawford will expire. Both have said they do not plan to run for re-election. Crawford is seeking to represent District 74 by challenging incumbent Martin Garrick for his seat in the state Assembly.