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Decline in local businesses a detriment to our community

I am writing to express my concerns on the decline in local businesses in the Encinitas and Carlsbad areas.

I have lived in the Encinitas/Carlsbad area my entire life and have noticed a decline in local business and I think it is detrimental to the culture of our community.

I was raised in a city that prided itself on its community and local businesses, but in recent years, this mentality has disappeared with the emergence of large businesses like the new Walmart in Encinitas off El Camino Real.

I have noticed that in recent years many of the local businesses in Encinitas have disappeared and have been replaced by large, profit driven businesses.

An example of this is the E Street Cafe in the heart of downtown Encinitas on the 101.

This local business prided itself on being part of the community and was loved by many.

Like many other local businesses, it brought character and a sense of community to the city.

But unfortunately the E Street Cafe has closed down and is now being converted into office spaces.

In today’s economy and environmental status, I think it is important that our community relies on local businesses so that we can become a more sustainably society.

By encouraging the growth of local businesses, the money spent by the locals at these businesses will stimulate the local economy, by providing more local jobs as well as making it a more sustainable economy.

Also, local businesses add a stronger sense of community.

With stronger social development, people will be more willing to help each other out and become more involved in community events and government creating a more sustainable community environment for our city.

I urge your paper and reporters to push towards a more sustainable community so that people will begin to care more about our community, which can lead to many positive results including a stable local economy, stronger social development, and the preservation of our local environment.


Andrew Chan,


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