Baby Boomer Peace

Debunking myths, and more

I have been writing in my columns lately a lot about debunking the myth that if you go to Mexico you will be kidnapped or beheaded.I’ve spoken of the great deals for baby boomers wishing to find an inexpensive place to go and even live off their Social Security in comfortable ocean front condos and homes. I have had a great deal of responses to my columns by other baby boomers wishing for more information and assurance that what we hear through the main-stream press about Mexico’s violence is trumped up for political reasons (Fast & Furious).

I have heard of unfortunate scattered incidences down in Baja near Rosarito and around the Tijuana border but again, those involved in these various incidences are usually tied to the drug trade.

Other examples of Americans being robbed etc. can go to the heart of most any American city and experience the same thing. You cannot live your life scared. You can do your homework and find out where life is tranquil and safe, like I did when I bought down in Puerto Vallarta, the seventh safest destination city in the world, not Mexico, but the world.

I also say bring home our faithful and proud warriors who are protecting our freedoms from the savages who are planning, and are bent on, the destruction of our country. Bring home our boys and girls, men and women, set them up on our own border and then nail anyone trying to enter this country illegally.

For those peaceful citizens of Mexico who want to visit our country they can easily come in on visas and stay upwards of six months. That is the way it is for me. I go to my condo in Puerto Vallarta and I can stay for six months and then come home for a day and go back if I wish.

Peaceful Hispanics from Mexico and other South American countries can do the same thing. But those who are crashing our borders are either illegal drug smugglers or South American citizens sneaking in and seeking all the goodies our government provides for free like food stamps and housing assistance and medical care as well as education.

We have people in positions of power that will give away all our precious services because we cannot ask if someone is illegal. We have an administration, backed by the president, which fights against showing identification when voting when you cannot even get into the Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C. without identification.

How weird is that? Voting is the most precious right we Americans have. I do not want my vote stolen by someone who is not allowed to vote but that is how we ended up with Harry Reid again. The man who has tabled every budget coming out of the House of Representatives just so the president can say we have a “do-nothing Congress.” What a crock.

All those janitors and kitchen workers were bused to polling locations in Las Vegas and voted, yet did not have to show an ID. I’m sure there were a lot of Garcias voting as Smiths. It was the only Nevada county that went with Reid.

I cannot believe that one man can legally stop legislation coming out of the House because he doesn’t like it and won’t allow those bills to get to the Senate floor or committee for debate, compromise and adoption. Just amazing.

I only bring all this up because I write my column with it geared to the changing times for baby boomers. If the current administration gets elected I see Mexico, which is already No. 1 in the world for health vacations, becoming even more so.

The debates spoke about and clarified what is going to happen if Obamacare and the “Administrative Councils,” or as Sarah Palin called them, “Death Panels,” are instituted.

I have many friends and acquaintances from England and Canada. They all hate their health system and it is supposedly free, which on the surface is admirable, but the problem is doctors are underpaid and bolting from the system and going where medical care is still free enterprise.

What is happening therefore is the socialized medical systems in the world just don’t have the doctors and specialists. America will soon follow suit. We baby boomers have to plan accordingly.

I just don’t want some 15-member council looking at my request for medical care (I need two knee replacements from the excesses of my youth) and saying something like “he’s too old … give him some more vicodin, we have illegals we have to pay for.” Grrrrrr.

I am planning accordingly and in a few weeks I’m going to vote for who and what is good for me but also for what is good for my grandchildren and adult children.

Please vote Nov. 6 and vote your conscience. We baby boomers still have a long way to go before going “home.” I don’t care if your vote is for a Democrat, Republican or Independent candidate. Just vote.

Vote for those who are going to uphold the constitution just like Martin Luther King prophesied (who by the way was a registered Republican, look it up). I’m voting for personal peace and peace for our country. A country founded on the belief we are all free to pursue our happiness.

Let us not vote away our freedom. Let us hope for renewed vigor and the true American spirit, endowed by our creator. Peace!

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