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Dana Carvey to perform at Tri-City’s annual Diamond Ball Fundraiser

OCEANSIDE — The Tri-City Hospital Foundation has a lot to be excited about these days. As it readies for its 37th annual Diamond Ball Fundraiser on Nov. 18, it recently announced that legendary comedian Dana Carvey would take center stage. 

Co-chairing the Diamond Ball Fundraiser is Dr. Jennifer Mayberry, a diagnostic radiologist at Tri-City Hospital, specializing in breast and women’s health. 

“Every year, the foundation tries to raise funds for a specific purpose through the Diamond Ball,” Mayberry said. “And this year, they focused on raising funds for us to achieve the highest standard of breast imaging at Tri-City, which is going to be the digital mammography and tomosynthesis.”

Another way to describe tomosynthesis is 3D mammography.

According to Mayberry, this cutting-edge technology provides superior mammographic images in women who have dense or difficult breast tissue to interpret. Statistically, 3D mammography also reduces the number of callbacks in which patients must return for further images.   

“In my experience, it’s very stressful when women get called back,” she said. “They come in for their regular mammogram every year, and when they get a letter or their doctor calls them and says you need to go back for additional pictures, in their mind, they are thinking the worst. It’s very stressful and it’s expensive.”

The use of 3D mammograms can drastically minimize these callback numbers as well as the level of anxiety shouldered by patients.

“There’s also scientific proof that it (3D mammograms) will increase our detection rate for breast cancers,” she said.

Advanced images done via breast tomosynthesis capture multiple images of the whole breast. Mayberry describes the newest generation of this technology as amazing, and cutting-edge.

While the Diamond Ball raises funds to increase the level of care for female patients, attendees will enjoy a performance by Carvey, a highly regarded comedian.

“It’s going to be a wonderful night of networking with people, having a lot of great laughs with Dana Carvey, followed by a live band and dancing,” she said.

Mayberry said it has been exceptional being co-chair the gala — it’s given her the opportunity to become better acquainted with the people at the Tri-City Hospital Foundation.

“Tri-City Hospital has this amazing, unique community of people and doctors who are invested in this hospital,” she said. “And not just financially invested, but their hearts are invested because they care.” She also noted their exceptional hospital volunteers.

Mayberry said that by adding 3D mammography at Tri-City Hospital, patients are being put first. The advanced technology will bring a higher level of care in the community, so residents don’t have to seek it elsewhere in cities like San Diego or Los Angeles.

Aside from being a comprehensive breast care center, Mayberry said the personal connection she feels to the hospital means everything to her.

“I could go anywhere and do my job, but I really like doing it here,” Mayberry said. “I have the support of our foundation, donors and sponsors which makes what we all do so much more worthwhile. This is home — this is where I will get my care when it is my turn.”

For more information about the 37th annual Diamond Ball Fundraiser including corporate sponsorship levels, underwriting opportunities and individual ticket sales, visit