“We carry doors in every budget and a wide variety of styles,” says Mark Collins, general manager of HomeStory in Mission Viejo. Courtesy photo
“We carry doors in every budget and a wide variety of styles,” says Mark Collins, general manager of HomeStory in Mission Viejo. Courtesy photo
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Custom door replacement made simple, precise and effective

REGION — If someone were to tell you that you could completely transform and update your home without any on-site construction, paint cans or tarps littering your living spaces, and no estimated completion dates flying by, you might think they were crazy. Mark Collins, general manager of HomeStory in Mission Viejo, wants to assure you that not only is it possible, it can be done affordably and professionally in about three hours.

“We specialize in custom interior door replacement for your entire house,” Collins said. “We have the latest digital measuring technology, the highest quality and most cost-effective products available and our entire team is top-notch.” With those three components, HomeStory is able to update any home seamlessly.

The process:

The first step is to visit the HomeStory website, where you can choose from a wide selection of residential interior doors including closet doors, French doors, glass doors, barn doors, pocket doors and entry doors. Next an associate will come to your home to help you finalize your selection, provide an estimate and take 3-D measurements of each door opening.

“We come to your home and provide a free in-home estimate,” Collins said. “Our proprietary digital technology optimizes and integrates measuring, ordering, production, delivery and installation services.”

The precision of the process allows HomeStory to update any home, regardless of how and when it was built. “With our technology we are able to accommodate homes that are very old,” Collins said. “Often a house settles over time. And opening up a door frame can compromise the integrity of the original construction. But we can custom cut our doors to fit whatever opening size you might have.”

The information gathered at the consultation is digitally streamed directly to HomeStory’s production facility, where computer-controlled machines custom cut each door to match the exact dimensions of the specific openings. “Any paint or other finishes are done at the factory, so when your doors are shipped they are completely ready to be installed,” Collins said. It generally takes about three to eight weeks from the time of your consultation to the day of installation.

The products:

Interior doors

“We have literally gone to every door manufacturer in the country,” Collins said. “We have looked at their products and done quality testing. Rather than overwhelm you, we offer only the best of the best.” Quality doesn’t necessarily come at the highest price either. “We carry doors in every budget and a wide variety of styles,” he added.

“One of our most popular lines is our Signature series,” Collins said. “The simple 2-Panel Square design is offered on all interior doors. They are stylish, elegant and built to last so you won’t have to spend money replacing these doors down the line. They can even reduce noise transmission by 50 percent over a standard door. In addition to the 2-Panel Square design are the 2-Panel Roman and 2-Panel Arch doors.

Also popular are closet renovations. “We are in a closet renovation revolution in this country,” Collins said. “Our mirrored doors have come a long way from the traditional metal frames. Our most popular seller has a wide white frame, and the mirror is mounted within the frame instead of on it.

The mirrored glass is thicker and more substantial than what was previously available. It looks very elegant and is safer and more durable. Customers frequently call us to replace mirrored closet doors because their mirrors are separating from the door they are mounted onto. Our mirrored closet doors will never do that.”

Entry doors:

HomeStory San Diego has recently introduced Plastpro Entry Doors to their product line. “Entry doors offer the best return on investment for any home improvement project,” Collins said.

“They increase curb appeal and welcome visitors into your home.” Plastpro Fiberglass doors are superior to wood doors because they have Hydroshield™ water-resistant technology that protects your home from water seeping into the door. “Fiberglass doors have also come a long way and Plastpro doors come in different wood species like Oak, Fir and a beautiful Old World Rustic grain. All of our doors can be stained or painted and look like authentic wood doors and they will not splinter, dent, warp, rot or rust.” 

The service:

“Our number one goal is to take care of our customers,” Collins said. “We want to make them really happy and we want them to know they have options. Our installers are absolutely incredible. Our sales people are knowledgeable and they want the best for our customers. We don’t employ high-pressure sales tactics.”

Although HomeStory is a national company, they operate on a small-town business model. “We think everyone is looking for an honest contractor, who will install properly and treat your home with respect,” Collins said. “Our employees are background checked. We take it very personally when one of our team members enters your home.”

HomeStory takes pride in being able to make a big difference in its customers’ homes. “We help you refresh your entire home, with one simple upgrade that touches every room,” Collins said. “You can keep your home looking fresh and modern and updated.”

To learn more about the products and services HomeStory offers, and to schedule a free consultation, visit SanDiegoInteriorDoors.com or call (619) 493-3733.