Covenant member discusses possible compliance issue

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe Association Board President Fred Wasserman thanked a Covenant member for bringing a possible compliance issue to the attention of the board.

At the monthly Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting, longstanding Covenant member Rory Kendall addressed the matter during the member input portion of the meeting.

“When the Covenant was written in the 1920s, outhouses were still common in rural America. Rancho Santa Fe was very rural. There was nothing out here,” Kendall said.

Kendall went on to say that the Covenant made it unambiguously clear that there would be no outhouses in Rancho Santa Fe.

However, there was one exception which allowed temporary outhouses and that was when a building was under construction, he said.

“Years ago the Association put in an outhouse at the Little League field. I asked the Association to take it out a year ago, and it’s still there,” Kendall said.

The Little League field is located on Rambla de las Flores. According to Kendall, behind third base, there used to be two bathrooms that were deactivated years ago.

“I’m requesting the Board of Directors to please bring the Association in compliance with the Covenant and get rid of the illegal outhouse at the Little League field,” he said.

It was also noted how there is currently a building on site to house a restroom facility.

Rancho Santa Fe Association interim manager Christy Whalen shared that Kendall had attended the last Trails Committee Meeting in where he brought up the matter.

“The committee has formed a subcommittee to look into the issue and get some recommendations,” she said. “Once the subcommittee makes recommendations to the committee, it will then go to the Board for their consideration.”

Kendall then wanted to know whether this issue was going to be made into an agenda item as opposed to something procedural.

According to Wasserman, he said the solution would be in how to deal with the matter and thanked Kendall for his suggestions.

“We appreciate you bringing this to the attention of the board. I frankly, was not aware of this,” said Wasserman, while confirming that neither was the rest of the board.


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