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Council restricts oversized vehicle parking on Carlsbad Boulevard

CARLSBAD — Oversized vehicle owners will have to look farther south on Carlsbad Boulevard for parking this summer, as City Council introduced an ordinance Tuesday prohibiting large vehicles from parking on the boulevard close to the Village.
As of Memorial Day, oversized vehicles will be prohibited from parking on the west side of Carlsbad Boulevard, from Redwood Avenue to Cherry Avenue. The restrictions will remain in place through Labor Day.
“We’re not depriving them of the opportunity to park in Carlsbad, we’re just asking them not to park on that two and a half blocks,” Councilman Keith Blackburn said. “It’s a great start, but we still need to do a lot of work to protect the quality of life for residents.”
The recently approved restrictions will affect those oversized and recreational vehicles that exceed seven feet in height, seven feet in width and 22 feet in length, including any attached accessories. Parking hours in the area will remain the same.
Residents have long complained about oversized vehicles parking on Carlsbad Boulevard, which prompted council’s direction to city staff to explore the issue.
“The impacts due to oversized vehicles include the taking up of many spaces, leaving very few for other vehicles,” city Traffic Engineer John Kim said. “The height of these oversized vehicles can also block ocean views.”
Some North County residents fear that the restrictions are penalizing RV owners; others in the area worry that oversized vehicles will simply look elsewhere for parking, including the residential areas.
“We have an overflow of recreational vehicles into our area already and we feel if there’s more restriction on Carlsbad Boulevard, it’ll only get worse,” Village by the Sea resident James Landis said.
Garfield Street resident Bob Lawrence also noted that with or without restrictions, oversized vehicle owners use his street as a parking lot in the off hours. He and other residents hope to discuss how to resolve the issue with council members in the future.
“If you’ll inspect the records for the amount of accidents we have on our street, you’ll see it’s because of the visibility,” Lawrence said. “They (oversized vehicles) park and you can’t see around them.”
Council members reassured Landis, Lawrence and other speakers that these new restrictions were the first phase in Carlsbad’s attempt to tackle the oversized vehicle complaints.
“This is a beginning step,” Councilman Mark Packard said. “I intend to monitor the outcomes and see what kind of quality of life issues it brings up.”