Feather advertising signs like the ones out front of Del Mar imports in Oceanside recieve the OK from City Council to remain. The City Council voted to update downtown signage rules. Photo by Promise Yee

Council OKs changes to signage rules

OCEANSIDE — City Council unanimously gave the go ahead Oct. 3 to sign ordinance changes that allow feather banners and mascots, and update downtown signage rules. 

The Chamber of Commerce recommended a set of rules to permit previously outlawed feather banners and mascots.

“The business community came together and were all in agreement on what works and what shouldn’t work,” David Nydegger, Chamber of Commerce CEO, said.

The new rules allow mascots and sign twirlers to advertise on sidewalks during daylight hours and limit two mascots per street intersection.

Feather banners must be on private property, be in good conditions, be placed 8 feet apart and have a height limit of 15 feet.

The former ban on feather banners and mascots was not enforced.

Enforcement of the rules will be on an honor system. City staff will work with the Chamber of Commerce to notify businesses of these ordinance changes.

Updates to 1992 downtown signage rules were also given the green light.

Revisions recommended by the Sign Subcommittee took into account the tall narrow building storefronts and downtown renovations that create a walkable shopping experience.

“It’s a walkable environment,” Kathy Brann, downtown development manager, said. “You don’t see any signage to attract them to go across Coast Highway to the bead store or to go shopping.”

Updates to downtown signage rules allow vertical signs on buildings over 45 feet tall, permanent restaurant menu boards, and regulated wall murals.

They also OK’d signage on multiple sides of a building, three lines of text and icons.

The new rules are designed to serve the downtown area for the next 20 years.

“It’s very forward looking with a lot of collaboration from the community,” Kim Heim, MainStreet Oceanside director of special projects, said.

Changes will go into effect 30 days after adoption.