Council discusses logo apparel

VISTA — The Vista City Council unanimously agreed to add the purchase of city logo apparel to its annual council member budget of $2,500 on Nov. 14. Mayor Judy Ritter initiated the matter and wanted to know if other council members agreed to include the purchase of city logo shirts into those budgetary guidelines. The shirts are frequently worn to city events.

All council members agreed it was a good idea to to expand the policy.

City Manager Patrick Johnson explained the current guidelines were not broad enough to include other city business items in the $2,500 budget. Adding verbiage for city logo apparel was needed. 

Deputy Mayor John Franklin asked if there was a way to reword the policy so they didn’t have to revisit this issue for a long time.

“I move that we make the budget available for any official government purpose as defined by city policy and arbitrated by the city manager,” Franklin said. He suggested that instead of using the word “apparel” if they could word it as “any official governmental purpose as defined by policy” with the city manager having the final say.

The idea of items with a city logo floated around in the discussion.

Councilman John Aguilera voiced his concerns and cautioned the other council members to think about what outlines city business.

Does a city logo define city business, he asked?

“There’s a lot of things you can put a logo on, and suddenly it becomes official,” Aguilera said. “So, I’m just worried about making it too broad. I don’t like the fact that we have to come back here and discuss this, but I think it’s important for us to discuss this in public so that people know how we are spending their money.”

Franklin agreed with Aguilera’s reasoning and said he was sold.

“I agree,” Franklin said. “We can keep the motion as is.”

The City Council approved the motion to include city apparel as part of their travel and training authorization and expense reporting policy.


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