Council candidates share views on city’s low jobs-to-housing ratio

OCEANSIDE — The final list of City Council candidate is in for the Nov. 4 election. Candidate Dana Corso, Councilman Gary Felien, candidate Charles “Chuck” Lowery, Councilman Jerome Kern, and candidate Robert Tran share their views on how to improve Oceanside’s low jobs-to-housing ratio.

Some replies are shortened and do not include additional examples or comments by candidates.


How can Oceanside improve its jobs-to-housing ratio?


Dana Corso

Dana Corso

Dana Corso

First of all, we should stop trying to outsource Oceanside jobs.

Our current city council majority supports outsourcing Oceanside jobs to out-of-town companies.

Rather than relying on existing city staff, such as our Planning Department, the council majority pays out hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars on outside “consulting reports” and “studies” for their pet projects.

We should keep Oceanside jobs in Oceanside!

Second, our city council should restore the requirements for builders and developers to build more affordable housing. They’ve even eliminated the “in-lieu” fee for developers.

To keep jobs in Oceanside, workers must be able to afford to live here, raise their families, and have a good quality of life.


Gary Felien

Gary Felien

Gary Felien

Oceanside needs to be a well-managed city with balanced budgets, no tax increases, and costs — including pensions — under control. This will allow the city to provide the services and amenities that attract businesses and high-income employees.

I would like to see the city expand the Economic Development Department so we can be more aggressive in attracting businesses.

Oceanside needs to have high quality roads so employees have shorter commute times and businesses can deliver goods and services.

We need to work every day to make Oceanside a business friendly community.

We need to reduce regulations whenever possible. We have reformed affordable housing fees, deferred fees until an occupancy permit is issued and reformed undergrounding requirements for small projects.



Charles “Chuck” Lowery

Chuck Lowery

Chuck Lowery

On the City Council, I will make creating jobs and growing our economy top priorities. The Oceanside I grew up in took pride in its many good jobs in local small businesses, defense contracting and manufacturing.

We can do more to make it easier to start a local business in Oceanside and we should offer incentives to attract new innovative industries to relocate to Oceanside. That will help us achieve a better jobs/housing balance.

I will work to build consensus behind these common sense ideas to create jobs and grow our economy. I have the business experience to get it done.

I’d be honored to put my experience to work for the businesses, families and working people of Oceanside.



Jerome Kern

Jerome Kern

Jerome Kern

We are improving the jobs-to-housing ratio by attracting new business to Oceanside.

We have a company coming to Ocean Ranch that is to build a 300,000-square-foot facility that promises to provide over 500 jobs.

We also have smaller businesses opening and adding jobs.

We had new biotech firms locate to Oceanside just in the past year, and since the types of industry tend to cluster, I expect more to follow.





Robert Tran

The job-to-housing ratio is disappointing in Oceanside. Housing outnumbers jobs by a large margin.

We need to attract mid- to enterprise-size businesses that will provide various employment opportunities to our Oceanside residents.

With certain qualifications met, we should offer special incentives to large companies if they hire Oceanside residents.

Although we want businesses to build in Oceanside, we cannot simply build concrete building stacked next to each other and hope it will attract future developers.

Oceanside needs to promote our “lifestyle.” People should want to live and work here. The demand, itself, would attract businesses.

We also need to find ways to help small businesses. I believe we should reduce or eliminate fees for the first year for businesses that meet certain criteria. We should also give all small businesses an opportunity for a one-time forbearance of business fees to the city.

This will help promote Oceanside as a business friendly city and will give more opportunities for job creation in Oceanside.


In the Sept. 5 edition of The Coast News candidates will address the question: What has priority development of downtown, bringing and keeping large corporations, or bringing and keeping small businesses and small town charm?



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