Council agrees to new law regarding historic signs

Council agrees to new law regarding historic signs
Plaques such as this one can now be installed on nearly a dozen historic buildings after council members exempted such signage from the municipal code during the Jan. 6 meeting. Courtesy sample Del Mar Village Association

DEL MAR — Signs that serve a cultural or community interest will no longer be subject to design review and will not be calculated toward the maximum allowable size limits of the property on which they are located.

Council members approved the exemptions at the Jan. 6 meeting in response to a request from the Del Mar Village Association to install historic plaques on nearly a dozen buildings, including Stratford Square, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, L’Auberge Del Mar, the post office and the library.

Each plaque will include a QR code keyed to a URL page that describes the history of the building.

DMVA is creating a map depicting each location that will be given to the community, hotels and other visitor outlets to help create an interactive historic-point walking tour for Del Mar Village.

DMVA is also working with local schools to include an audio link on the URL pages that will be created by the children in the community.

Signs, which can be no bigger than 2 square feet, cannot include any business advertisements. They must be made with a durable, weather-resistant material and be attached to a building, rather than free standing on a pole or monument sign.


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