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Construction under way to tighten top of La Costa Avenue

CARLSBAD — The city of Carlsbad will begin installing drainpipes and repairing pavement along a section of La Costa Avenue near Cadencia Street beginning Aug. 23.
Water seeping up from the ground beneath the roadway has damaged the asphalt concrete surface, causing potholes and rough patches, said Pat Vaughan of the city’s Transportation Department.
A geotechnical investigation found that repairs are needed because heavy seepage of groundwater along the pavement subgrade soils has saturated the base layers and caused the loss of subgrade support for the existing pavement.
The project consists of installing perforated PVC drain pipes, which will allow water to drain from the soil beneath the road and flow into nearby storm drains. The road will then be repaired and resurfaced.
The work will take place on a 400-foot-long stretch of La Costa Avenue between Rancho Santa Fe Road and Cadencia Street. Construction will begin Aug. 23 and take approximately seven weeks, Vaughan said.
Atom Engineering Construction, which submitted the lowest bid from a field of 18 bidders, will build the project. The cost of the project is approximately $187,000. Funding for the project comes from gasoline tax revenue received by the city.
“It’s important to keep up with infrastructure improvements,” Vaughan said. “We want to give our residents safe, smooth streets.”
During construction, traffic on the affected section of La Costa Avenue will be narrowed to one lane in each direction, which could cause some traffic delays at peak traffic times.
City staff reminds the public to drive carefully in the construction zone and take alternate routes when possible. Signs will be posted around the construction site to inform the public of the road construction.
For more information about the La Costa Avenue drainage project, contact Deputy City Engineer Pat Vaughan at (760) 602-2780 or