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Community group works on new home

CARLSBAD — The Kokopelli nonprofit community benefit group was established last June 2007.
During meetings, members started discussing how hard it was to find a suitable private quiet place for fair-sized groups of people to meet for discussion, or work on projects together. After many discussions, it was decided to form a nonprofit Kokopelli Community Workshop Project to create an open educational workshop center.
A large adobe building, on an acre of land at 3745 Adams Street in old Carlsbad, was selected for the project. The 84-year old, longtime Carlsbad homeowner, Betty Bryan, is guaranteed lifetime occupancy by the project, in her private rooms.
Kokopelli Community Workshop Corporation now has more than 20 hardworking volunteers, who have committed hundreds of hours of time, money and resources to the Kokopelli Project.
Funding Director Andrea Millon is in the process of submitting multiple grant proposals on the project’s behalf to assorted government programs and to private foundations.
Since October 2007, Kokopelli volunteers have planned fundraisers, collected books for the meditation center and contributed nights and weekends to remodeling the large adobe located on the proposed site of the community center.
Kokopelli volunteers have been slowly renovating the existing adobe buildings as the project has been able to raise funds. The project grounds have been landscaped, and the deteriorating leach-lines, which run directly under the planned community aquaponic organic farm project, have been replaced. The planned farm is to be located directly behind the adobe structure.
The mission and purpose of Kokopelli Community Workshop is to provide the local community with a unique indoor/outdoor community meeting place, meditation, healing and educational center.
The project is developing multiple indoor and outdoor areas at the Kokopelli Workshop Center for group meetings, and can provide an environment for any group of up to 40 people to meet and work together.
Kokopelli Community Workshop Projects intends to sponsor and guide several public service educational workshops to benefit the community. Projects will include, but are not limited to, the development of the publication of
Communiversity Magazine, an alternative education project/magazine is offering a free venue for the community to advertise information regarding private classes and workshops to be offered or guided by knowledgeable individuals.
Kokopelli Community Workshop will also implement a special foreclosure workshop to help individuals and families whose homes are in foreclosure or who have mortgage loans about to enter an adjustable rate understand their options; including all government programs, bankruptcy options, short sale opportunities, legal stays against foreclosure, and to help those in need to thoroughly review understand and review the financial and legal consequences of all potential loans or other creative financing schemes that may have under consideration, in a protected and legally sanctioned environment.
Kokopelli Community Workshop will implement a fully integrated aquaponic organic farm system using the aqua farm model. Aquaponics is the combination of recirculation aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). This model farm will provide an educational organic farm workshop that will provide an educational model for water conservation and healthy organic food production. Foods from the Kokopelli farm project will be exclusively used to serve the needs of underprivileged individuals and families in the local community.