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Community divided over options for roadway

OCEANSIDE — Heated discussion prompted several calls to order by the police officer present during the public meeting to review the final roadway options to give the community of Jeffries Ranch a second access to SR 76 on Sept. 13.
“It was a cakewalk compared to the first meeting,” John Amberson, city transportation planner, said. “We’re trying to address everybody’s point of view, but someone is not going to be happy.”
Jefferies Ranch Road was closed to SR 76 in April due to the widening of the state route and safety issues with expected traffic volume and speeds at the intersection that does not have a traffic signal — and is not likely to get one because of a traffic signal located nearby on SR 76.
The Sept. 13 meeting reviewed three roadway options that will undergo a feasibility study and be brought to a council workshop next month. The options are to do nothing, have a right turn in and out on Jefferies Ranch Road to SR 76, or build a frontage road that runs east from Jefferies Ranch Road for a quarter mile to SR 76.
Many residents who live on Jefferies Ranch Road do not want to see it reopened to SR 76. Some complained that traffic moved so fast along the road they could not safely pull out of their driveways.
Frustrations ran high for those who thought the road would remain closed, but found community complaints may cause it to be reopened. “It’s already decided,” said a resident who asked that her name be withheld. “It’s a right in and right out on Jefferies Ranch Road. Council people don’t care. It was in the original master plan that Jefferies Ranch Road would close.”
Others object to the closure and want the Jefferies Ranch Road access to SR 76 back. “I have 500 people sign a petition to stop the closure of Jefferies Ranch Road,” Dana Corso, Jefferies Ranch resident, said.
While neighbors understand the desire of those who live along the road to keep it closed to through traffic and enjoy the quiet cul-de-sac, many see a greater community need to reopen the road to SR 76.
“We have to think about everyone,” Michael Barthdomew, Jefferies Ranch resident, said. “We need to be fair across the board. I used the in and out every day and lost it.”
The feasibility study will analyze proposed roadway costs, traffic volume, speeds, safety, and the possibility of getting an OK from Caltrans to access SR 76.
Speed humps and other safety measures will be considered in the plans as well as sound walls and landscaping.
The feasibility study of the three options will be presented at a council workshop in late October.