Community Connections warns of scam

Phony water pressure inspector
If some character comes to your door and sez he’s a water pressure inspector … beware!
Surfside City’s Community Connections notes an alert from the Harbor City P.D. advises that this is a scam. A thief with an official looking badge hung around his neck sez he needs to check the water pressure. Once inside he asks the homeowner to turn the water on in another part of the house and while this is being done he swipes whatever has value and off he goes to scam someone else.
Lottsa beach refuse
Thanx to more than 10,000 volunteers who on a recent Saturday picked up more than 32,000 tons of cigarette butts, plastic containers and other debris along the shoreline from the Mexican border to the North County line. This was the 25th year for this worthy project. Paula Kirpalani of Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association reported merchants in her community were very generous in providing snacks for the picker-uppers. Gerry Sova donated 2,000 bottles of ice-cold water for the thirsty rubbish collectors.
Smoking ban
Vista has joined most of the other cities in the area that prohibit smoking in parks and city-owned community facilities. Fines of up to $250 can be imposed on conviction in Vista.
Conservation docent training
Do you aspire to be a trained naturalist? San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy has started a seven-week docent training program that is held at the Cardiff-by-the-Sea facility. It covers a wide range of conservation topics. No natural history or biology experience is necessary to take the course. For additional skinny, dial (760) 436-3944.
Booze providers to teens
Adults who allow teens to consume alcohol at home parties are breaking the law and if convicted in C’bad can be in serious trouble. City Council electeds have adopted a social ordinance that provides stiff penalties including jail time. Yes. Beer and wine are alcoholic.
Farmers markets growing
Jeff Rowe, North County Times reporter, writes that growing popularity of farmers markets everywhere is being fanned by folks who are turning to organic and really fresh foods available at these outlets. Good point considering these products are grown locally.
Energy refund chex
Gas & electric customers have welcomed the news that they are in line for a cash refund instead of a price hike. Word is the refund will be approximately $71 bux. Becuz of the steep decline in natural gas prices. Industrial, commercial and residential customers are in line for a piece of the $124 million pie.
Marketing district
Surfside City hotels and motels want to form a business improvement district that will add a 1 percent assessment to the current 11.5 percent bed tax paid by visitors. It will be used exclusively for tourist promotion and under the jurisdiction of the improvement district. The original mission of the transient occupancy tax was that it would be for visitor promotion, however, through the years it has been earmarked for various sundry projects some of which have no relation to that. C’bad was the originator of an improvement district for that purpose and other cities have followed.
Elfin Forest foto contest
Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve has its fourth annual foto contest under way with entries in six categories due Oct. 30. Amateur photogs of all ages are encouraged to compete. Olivenhain Muni Water District is spearheading the competition. Interested folks can call (760) 632-4212.
O’sides recall election
With four likely candidates seeking to replace Councilman Jerry Kern in the recall election Dec. 8, there’s every indication it has become a real horse race. The winner will have to run again in 10 weeks and that will take a good bit of cash. A union-backed candidate has the advantage because unions seem to be able to go to the well as needed. In this race unions can’t come out second best becuz of their opposition to Kern. Bet on this race to become down and dirty in the initial weeks and days with no time out to enjoy the traditional turkey fest.
$41.6 mil. grant
Encinitas Community Resource Center is one of two agencies in the county that received a cash grant, a portion of it coming from the federal stimulus “shovel ready” program. ECRC’s grant is for $1.6 mil. and it will be used for a homeless prevention program that includes the operation of its warehouse on Second Street. It provides food, housing and other homeless needs.
C’bad’s Museum of Making Music wants to hear from music makers who want to get back into playing and notes that the first easy step is to call (760) 438-5996, ext. 209 … San Dieguito River Park JPA has been recognized by American Public Works Association for its 900-foot-long bridge pedestrian/bike bridge at Lake Hodges that it recently opened … Highly successful bizness lady Meg Whitman has formally announced she is a candidate for governor next year … Madeleine Pickens, spouse of the oil Texas baren T. Boone, is suing the Surfside City becuz it has asked her to trim back greenery along a patio wall that is violating a view ordinance and she contends it violates her property rights … The fairgrounds has established guidelines for handling horses and other large stock in the evacuation from a wild fire in the back country … Alan Besin, whose job tenure is measured in months instead of years, is on the move again this time to become commish of Customs & Border Protection … Leucadians watch in dismay as NCTD continues to ax some of the trees within its jurisdiction … If you ran into a Gonzales in Solbeach on a recent weekend it was becuz they came from everywhere to attend a reunion at San Dieguito County Park … New laws may soon dictate how much interest can charge for overdrafts.
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