Community Commentary

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Why we walk for breast cancer

If you saw the flurry of pink Nov. 1 and wondered what all the fuss was about, I’ll tell you. We were walking for breast cancer.
There are many reasons why so many of us walk for breast cancer. I walk in memory of my sister Sherry, who lost her life to breast cancer at the age of 34 — she is my inspiration. The first time I participated in a walk I could not help but thinking of Sherry. I cried most of the way. But now, I don’t cry as much. Instead I am fueled by her memory and the thought that women and their families are still being affected by breast cancer. Participating in a breast cancer walk makes me feel like I am standing up for a cause — to eradicate breast cancer.
When I started writing this, I suspected that others walk for many of the same reasons. I conducted my own unofficial poll, and here is what people said:
— “It is part of my survival. It is part of me being alive. If my walk can help save one woman, then I’ve accomplished much. Participating gives me energy, and it gives others hope.”
— “I walk because I believe that those who can’t walk anymore would want us to walk as a representative for them — just to keep the hope of finding a cure alive.” — “I participate because as women we need to stick together and fight the battle together whether or not we have been affected by breast cancer!”
— “We walk for the cause, we walk to show support, we walk for the survivors, we walk for those that lost the fight — we walk because we care, but we walk for the cure”
— “We contribute because of friends that have struggled with this disease and their battles; but also because of the hope that cancer can be cured.”
My suspicions were confirmed. We all want to feel that there is something we can do.
Many of us are not researchers, scientists or medical professionals. We don’t work in laboratories searching for a cure or in medical facilities caring for those with cancer.
But we are all united in our desire and efforts to find a cure. We gain energy from one another and from our resolve to find a cure. Participating in a breast cancer walk is something we can do either directly by walking or indirectly by donating. It helps us to say to this disease, “you will not defeat us.”
If this inspires you, please consider joining us the next time our team, the Vista Community Clinic “Double Ds” (Dedicated and Determined to find a cure for Breast Cancer) walks for breast cancer. For more information about joining the “Double Ds,” call Natasha at (760) 631-5000, ext. 7167.