COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Ours is to reason why

Unlike the Nobel Six Hundred of the Light Brigade, ours is to reason why. Indeed, the perpetuation of our God-given inalienable rights and Constitutionally-based liberties demand that we reason why. The passage of the health care bill demonstrates how the Republican Party, along with the Tea Party Movement, collectively failed to engage and defeat the intellectual and organizational skills demonstrated by the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party.
It is not enough to simply cry about being shut out of the decision making process: What was expected? Surely we didn’t take candidate Obama’s word when he promised potential voters an open government? In short, the Progressives won for two reasons. Firstly, while they told the truth about health care costs, they systematically failed to tell the whole truth about the total actual costs of the proposed changes. Secondly, we failed to effectively hold them accountable for the total costs of the program being proposed.
More disturbingly, if we do not get our intellectual act together, we will continue to fail. We had better start marketing our system of governance, and showing a nexus between the Republican Party and the intellectual foundation of our system of government. We must a) clearly articulate why our democratic republic is superior to the emerging socialist republic, and b) argue fervently for telling the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth when proposing public policy. That to do otherwise is patently dishonest and therefore not worthy of the Republican Party.
It should now be evident to everyone that President Obama is on his way to transmuting this nation from a democratic republic, one best suited to perpetuating our individual liberties, to a socialist republic, one best suited to our budding narcissistic greed. If the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement are better able to marshal their intellectual resources, the President’s progressivism may well be a transitory aberration. If they fail — if we fail — our nation will be politically sullied and most likely financially bankrupt.

K. Paul Raver is an Oceanside resident.