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Commission chair voted out, won’t run again

OCEANSIDE — Utility Commission chair Brian Boyle said he would not rerun as commission chair or vice chair, after being voted off the San Diego Water Authority board by City Council. 

“I’m not willing to put in time for a city that doesn’t appreciate what other people do,” Boyle said.

Boyle addressed his comments to Councilman Jerry Kern, who attended the commission meeting March 20, and who voted Boyle off the Water Authority board in February along with Councilmen Gary Felien and Jack Feller. The same three council members voted in Kern to fill the regional board position.

Boyle served on the Water Authority board for two years and on the Oceanside Utility Commission for nine years. He earned his water conservation license in 1988 and has “been in the water business” for over 30 years.

“I donated time for a long time,” Boyle said. “I think I helped.”

Boyle said he was disappointed at being taken off the board and angry at the way it was handled. He said he learned from a reporter that council members were considering removing him for “political reasons.” He chose to resign from the position prior to the council vote.

“They still voted to take me off,” Boyle said. “I have a spotless reputation. It is an ugly appearance on my record.”

Boyle said he would be watching Oceanside politics, but not volunteering to serve.

He nominated environmental attorney Jeremy Jungreis for commission chair. Jungreis was unanimously voted in. Jimmy Knott was voted in as vice chair.

During the meeting Kern gave condolences of a sort to Boyle about his vote to remove him from the Water Authority board.

“It was a political move,” Kern said. “It has no reflection on Brian and what he’s done.”

Kern added that a different council majority might reappoint Boyle to the board in the future.

“I hope everyone stays involved,” Kern said.

Jungreis thanked Boyle for his service. “The city of Oceanside couldn’t have someone more diligent or thoughtful,” he said.

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L. Walshaw March 21, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Oceanside VOTERS are outraged that 3 Councilmen (Kern, Feller & Felien) can OVERRULE the choices made by the people they are supposed to represent. Mayor Wood was elected 2 – 1 over Kern for Mayor, yet the Charter written by the Building Industry lobbyists allows these 3 Councilmen to vote among themselves to strip the Mayor of his powers of office and transfer those powers to themselves. Now they are systematically eliminating Commissioners who put the public’s interests above the Council Majority’s political agenda. It is the PEOPLE of Oceanside who are being silenced and will remember their actions in the coming elections when Kern & Felien will be voted OUT of Oceanside.

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