Commemorative bricks for sale at new Rowe School

BRANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe School Board decided to open to students and the community the opportunity to buy commemorative bricks to be placed on a walkway at the new R. Roger Rowe School.
“In our community, the legacy concept is very important,” board member Carlie Headapohl said.
Because graduation is scheduled for June 16, the first bricks should be offered to the graduating eighth-graders, Superintendent Lindy Delaney said.
They will cost $300 each and can be engraved with names or the year of a graduating class.
It was agreed it would be too complicated and expensive to allow more verbiage.
“We don’t want them to say ‘live free,’ or something,” Headapohl said with a laugh.
The board has been indecisive about the bricks, whether they are appropriate for the new school and if they are, if there should be a place designed for them. The fact that time is running out is one reason the board made the decision at its May 6 meeting.
“We are getting to the point where we need to know,” said Tim Ireland, project manager of the new school construction.
Board member Richard Burge said he was not sold on the idea of placing bricks with names of current students and residents.
“We’ll be having people through here for the next 100 years,” he said.
The board decided in the design to provide enough bricks to sell for many years to come and offer them for sale about once a year.
“You order a yearbook and a brick,” Headapohl said.
The bricks would be in a designated area inside the school.
“I think people would like to personalize this,” board member Jim Depolo said. “We can start in the center and work our way out.”
Ireland said construction of the new school is on schedule and is about to go into “sprint mode.”
He said observers will be seeing a flurry of activity for several weeks to come, before the efforts of the construction workers turn inward and will not be so obvious. He said he sees no problem with getting the school finished before the start of school on Sept. 7.
Those interested in learning more about the bricks can contact the district office at (858) 756-1141.