College students face higher tuition fees

Increases due next fall
State college students are faced with higher tuition fees next fall. An increase of $2,500 bux, or 32 percent higher than present, is a major consideration. In L.A, where the Board of Regents met to vote on the tuition increase, gendarmes surrounded the building at UCLA to keep protesters from invading it. Organizations and individuals that provide scholarships are affected. Mexican American Educational Guidance Foundation prexy Dick Wheelock sez his organization has been awarding scholarships since it was founded in 1970 and this year parceled out $76,000 to 81 students. According to Wheelock, raising money has become much more difficult due to the economic downturn. The logical solution? Awarding fewer scholarships and for less money. Meanwhile, some folks are askin’ why the system continues to dole out higher stipends to the educators and regents?
Fairgrounds expansion years in the future
No need for folks to race their motors yet over the proposed fairgrounds redevelopment. It’s years in the future according to Barry Nussbaum, who chairs the master plan committee for the 22nd District Agricultural Assn. It has taken a decade to get the ideas on paper. Written comments on the recently released Environmental Impact Report are due Jan. 8 and these will be incorporated into the document that will be submitted to the State Coastal Commish for its consideration. Then more hearings. When projects are “shovel ready,” the district then must decide how to pay for them. Meanwhile, Solbeach City Council has allocated $75,000 to hire experts to investigate the good and the bad in the 4,500-page draft EIR as it relates to that city.
New Chargers site?
Harbor City officials and Chargers brass are talking again. This time it’s about a site near Petco Park. Downtown Redevelopment Agency is hiring an outta town agency for $160,000 to do a feasibility study. Recently, Escondido was romancing the Chargers but yielded to the Harbor City as a gesture of good will but has indicated it is still interested.
Kern recall a toss up?
Depending on the source, the vote to recall O’side Councilman Jerry Kern to be decided Dec. 8 is a toss-up. As predicted here at the offset it has been a bitter mudslinging affair. Not unusual in O’side. Campaigns have usually been wild affairs. There will be no rest for electioneers. The 2010 mid-term vote is just a few months away.
Breast cancer exams
Medical professionals and organizations that have encouraged gals to get mammograms at an early age aren’t too pleased with the Washington bureaucracy saying they aren’t necessary until age 50. If you believe Santa will deliver presents via Fed X this year, you may buy this latest rant. Best to listen to the experts.
Seals can stay
A Superior Court ruling has been handed down in favor of seals that have been poaching on Children’s Pool in La Jolla Cove. Judge Timothy Taylor’s edict likely ends four years of court battles to determine who has pool rights — kids or seals?
Long-lasting deficit
According to the Associated Press, outta Sacramento a nonpartisan fiscal analyst figures the Golden State will be in hock for at least $30 bil. for each of the next five years even if the economy turns peachy keen. By then the Sacto electeds who created the financial mess will be termed out working as highly paid lobbyists or consultants for the state.
Credit card fees
Credit card overdraft fees that go into effect in July provide that cardholders must give their consent before exorbitant charges can be assessed by the banks. Best to learn in advance from your provider the extent of these new regs.
D.A. inquiry
City of Industry mayor, according to media reports, is being investigated by the L.A. County D.A. for possible conflict of interest violations. This is reportedly not related to the proposed 75,000 state-of-the-art, green stadium zillionaire Al Roski wants to build for a pro football team that might include the Chargers who are lookin’.
Pay cuts
State electeds are getting an 18 percent cut in salary for the hard work they are doing for the taxpayers. Originally the reduced pay was scheduled to go into effect in July. However, there was a challenge issued whether the cut was legal. State Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office ruled it was valid immediately so that’s what happened.
Surfing event
Flower Capital residents are divided on a proposed womens longboard competition world famous surfer Linda Benson wants to put on next at Swami’s in October, when wave conditions are the best. Some folks think it is a great idea; others said it is a lousy one because of limited parking and the environment would be trampled. So the signature gathering on petitions has started.
Flower Capital resident Amy Trujillo is one of 40 persons in all the USA to be named a Together Green Fellow and will receive $10 grand to use toward a community-focused project at San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy … Disabled veterans are invited to learn about new rules and regs during an information seminar Dec. 12 at Cuyamaca College Communications Center, 900 Rancho San Diego Parkway in El Cajon starting at 9 a.m. … The world famous Cirque du Soleil’s “Kooza” will be presented under the Grand Chapiteau at the fairgrounds with the opening performance scheduled Feb. 25 … Hall of Fame trainer Bobby Frankel, a popular figure at the Surfside race track for years, has passed away … Responding to an item on food servers on skates, Oceanside’s 101 Cafe owner John Daley sez he had ‘em in the 1940s and until the ‘60s … Catch the Garden of Lights at San Diego Botanic Garden from Dec. 10 through Dec. 23 with lights on from 5 to 9 p.m. … Owner Ilene Lamb recently celebrated the first anniversary of Cupcake Love at 437 Highway 101 in Solbeach by passing out oodles of her tasty pastries to well-wishers who stopped by to offer congrats.
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