College foundation seeks donations

SAN MARCOS — Throughout the month of June, Palomar College Foundation, represented by nearly 100 volunteers, will reach out to its community members for much-needed financial support through The Campaign for Palomar College. The goal is to raise $150,000 in unrestricted funds to support a student body that has grown to more than 33,000 this past year. With California facing a severe budget deficit, the foundation is determined to dramatically increase and improve resources for the college’s students, faculty and staff. The campaign will be conducted throughout the college’s 2,200-square-mile district, which stretches from Borrego Springs in the east to Camp Pendleton in the west and Fallbrook and Poway to the north and south, respectively.
The campaign was developed to connect the community with the challenges of Palomar College and its students. “This campaign is critical now,” said Kerry Ross, president of Palomar College Foundation. “History has shown that during tough economic times, the community colleges are the way in which many in our region receive new skills for a fresh start. It also means we can fund books, scholarships, mini-grants and classroom equipment that will not be covered by the diminished campus budget.”
The impact of this campaign will directly affect the students and faculty. “A successful campaign means that Palomar College will continue to thrive in our community during a tough economy such as this,” foundation President-elect Robyn Quaco said. “It will give our foundation the means to provide more financial assistance to students and faculty and reach out to more people.”
Foundation leaders hope that the community will embrace the campaign and see that their investment will have a positive effect on the community. “With an uncertain economic future, it’s not just prudent but vital that money is spent wisely,” Campaign Chair for Operations Nick Barnett said. “Contributing to a local cause like Palomar College assures that over 95 percent of your donation is put directly to use, as you desire.”
With so many charities competing for limited resources, foundation organizers felt this is the time to go to the community and personalize the message and involved individuals in this critical cause. To learn more about the Campaign for Palomar College, contact the foundation office at (760) 744-1150, ext. 2733, or visit