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Coast Highway gets traffic improvements

SOLANA BEACH — The city of Solana Beach is actively monitoring the traffic impacts of the Coast Highway 101 construction project and making adjustments where appropriate.This will be an ongoing practice to try and alleviate traffic impacts throughout the project. The first adjustment was be implemented the week of July 23 with work by
traffic light engineers on the Lomas Santa Fe/Highway 101 intersection traffic light timing.

The green lights for northbound and southbound traffic will be increased during the morning, lunchtime and late afternoon commute times. This should reduce traffic congestion during those times.

Further, the city is considering adding an additional left-turn lane from southbound Coast Highway 101 to eastbound Lomas Santa Fe. If implemented, it is anticipated that this would reduce southbound Coast Highway 101 vehicle traffic congestion during the morning and lunchtime commute hours.

The city plans to continue to monitor and make further adjustments where possible.
For more information, contact Mo Sammak at (858) 720-2473.