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Civic Center fair shares tips for good health

OCEANSIDE — The Health Fair brought dozens of health and nutrition professionals together at the Civic Center on Aug. 13 to share tips on staying healthy.
Regular hand washing, maintaining a low-fat diet, and getting the proper amount of exercise were emphasized.
“With hand washing, I don’t think you can ever be too cautious,” Daniel Sletten, with Tri-City Wellness Center, said.
Tri-City Medical Center staff handed out day passes to its Wellness Center mega gym located in Carlsbad. The center has three pools, fitness classes, a weight room, indoor track and aerobic equipment.
“It’s geared toward being medically integrated,” Sletten said. “After surgery or a procedure, it’s a place people can feel comfortable working out.”
In addition to advise on exercise, nutrition tips were shared.
North County Health Services let people know about its nutrition classes geared toward people who have diabetes, hypertension or are obese.
“A healthy, low-fat diet can help prevent high cholesterol and heart problems,” Ramona Costa, diabetes educator at North County Health Services, said. “The classes are getting a good response.”
Eating organic foods was also encouraged. The Conscious Cook nutritionists recommended that families learn organic cooking.
“We teach them in the home how to get the most out of the food they’re cooking,” Carly Frazier with The Conscious Cook said. “We’re helping families have more nutrition and eliminate toxins, double the nutrition, and eliminate unhealthy fats, oils and pollutants.”