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Citywide Sidewalk Sale set in Encinitas

ENCINITAS — The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, in concert with the city of Encinitas’ new “Buy Local Encinitas” program, DEMA, Leucadia 101 and Cardiff MainStreet, are putting on a volunteers-only citywide sidewalk sale Feb. 21.
“Every business registered with the city of Encinitas is invited to participate, as we have underwritten the additional coverage and have the appropriate Event Permits to allow all service and retail businesses in Encinitas to hold a one-day ‘clearance sale’ on the sidewalk before their business,” Ken Gross, Encinitas Chamber President, said.
“Those who participate have to remember to leave the 48 inches of clearance to adhere to the American Disabilities Act; but aside from those restrictions, businesses are free to merchandize the sidewalks with tables, chairs and racks, utilizing common sense and public safety at all times,” Michelle Johnston, Encinitas Chamber vice president, said.
“If a business is going to participate, we invite them to let us know as we will be sending out a list of all businesses with Special Sidewalk Sales Promo on Friday, Feb. 20,” Johnson said.
“We did this 10 years ago when I was president,” local attorney Russell Griffith said. “And it was a tremendous success. I am so glad to see the new chamber work toward including everybody in this event. Everybody needs to work together.”
What areas are included in the sale? “From the Batiquitos Lagoon at La Costa Avenue, south down both the El Camino Real Corridor and along Highway 101 from Leucadia to downtown Cardiff-by-the-Sea, curving around to Olivenhain and stretching back west along Encinitas Boulevard, the entire city is invited to participate legally, safely and for free,” said Mike Andreen, membership director of the Encinitas Chamber and publisher of Encinitas First.
“The El Camino Real Corridor in particular got behind this event last time,” Encinitas Councilman Jerome Stocks. “I hope all the local business promotion groups or representatives will jump in and make this one Saturday a landmark of local sales. If we in Encinitas spend our dollars here first, the city itself and their overall comfort, safety and unparalleled natural beauty is protected with the important spending dollars.”